interactive graphing library for .NET programming languages 📈
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Plotly.net43112a month ago38August 26, 202226mitF#
interactive graphing library for .NET programming languages :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Ol3echarts2821228 months ago11September 26, 202211otherTypeScript
:earth_asia: :bar_chart: ol3Echarts | a openlayers extension to echarts
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We have published a software paper on Plotly.NET. If you are using Plotly.NET for your research please cite or look at :


Plotly.NET provides functions for generating and rendering plotly.js charts in .NET programming languages .

Table of contents


The most recent Plotly.NET package is .

Plotly.NET also provides several extension packages:

Package Name Plotly.NET.Interactive Plotly.NET.ImageExport Plotly.NET.CSharp
Description Interactive formatting extension for .NET interactive notebooks programmatic static image export idiomatic C# API. Note that you can use the core API in C#, this package just removes some friction at some places. See bindings progress

For applications and libraries

  • dotnet CLI
dotnet add package Plotly.NET <version>
  • paket CLI
paket add Plotly.NET --version <version>
  • package manager
Install-Package Plotly.NET -Version <version>

Or add the package reference directly to your .*proj file:

<PackageReference Include="Plotly.NET" Version="<version>" />

For scripting

You can include the package via an inline package reference:

#r "nuget: Plotly.NET, <version>"

For dotnet interactive notebooks

You can use the same inline package reference as in script, but as an additional goodie, the interactive extensions for dotnet interactive have you covered for seamless chart rendering:

#r "nuget: Plotly.NET, <version>"
#r "nuget: Plotly.NET.Interactive, <version>"


Getting started

The landing page of our docs contains everything to get you started fast, check it out here

Full library reference

The API reference is available here

The documentation for this library is automatically generated (using FSharp.Formatting) from *.fsx and *.md files in the docs folder. If you find a typo, please submit a pull request!


Note: The release and prerelease build targets assume that there is a NUGET_KEY environment variable that contains a valid API key.


Check the build project to take a look at the build targets. Here are some examples:

# Windows

# Build only

# Full release buildchain: build, test, pack, build the docs, push a git tag, publish thze nuget package, release the docs
./build.cmd release

# The same for prerelease versions:
./build.cmd prerelease

# Linux/mac

# Build only

# Full release buildchain: build, test, pack, build the docs, push a git tag, publsh the nuget package, release the docs release

# The same for prerelease versions: prerelease


The docs are contained in .fsx and .md files in the docs folder. To develop docs on a local server with hot reload, run the following in the root of the project:

# Windows
./build.cmd watchdocs

# Linux/mac
./ watchdocs


Plotly.NET is a community maintained open source projects. Big thanks to all contributors!

Library license

The library is available under the MIT license.

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