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🏠 Curated list of awesome SmartHome/Home Automation things.

Focusing on open technologies and solutions leaving users in control.

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Notable OpenSource Projects

Complete, self-hosted home automation systems with frontend, suitable for end users. At least a year in active development, at least 200 commits, at least 200 stars.

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Notable Commercial Systems


Was a $300 hub, offering a "lifetime subscription".

Acquired by Nest (Google subsidiary) in October 2014. In April 2016, Nest announced that Revolv Hub will cease to operate on May 15, 2016.


Uses Groovy language for (custom) components.


Since at least 2008.

Uses Lua, open development support, community ecosystem.


  • Founded in 2014 as a spin-off from invention incubator Quirky.
  • After Quirky went through bankruptcy proceedings, it sold Wink to Flex in 2015.
  • In July 2017, Flex sold Wink to for $38.7M.


Home Automation Services

Voice/Personal Assistants

Previously, government and mob had to break into your house to install bugs. Now you can pay a small amount of money and install yourself bugs which allow 3rd parties to eavesdrop on you.

  • Apple Siri
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant

OpenSource services promising no eavesdropping (please keep in mind that for some of these projects, "OpenSource" is just a marketing bait):

Video Surveillance

Many services tout "P2P" in video surveillance, to allow your smartphone to connect to your camera - when you're in your home or on another side of the world. That's oxymoron of course, there's nothing "point-to-point" in how it's implemented. Both your camera and smarphone connect to faraway 3rd-party cloud server (this happens even if both in the same home network, 5 meters one from another). All video goes via (and thus to) 3rd party of course.

Mirai Botnet was/is a botnet mostly consisting of video cameras controlled by 3rd party.

Related/useful Services and Software


One of the basic tasks of Home Automation is visualization and control. Dashboards is a basic way to do that. Dashboard is usually included into "full stack" HA systems, but what if you don't like it or need a custom one? Note that majority of systems below offer visualization only (no control).

Floor Plans

A step above and beyond dashboards is visualizing what happens where on the actual floorplan of your home.

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