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Flask Sphinx Themes

Modern Pallets themes have moved to The Flask theme has been updated an included there. This repository is no longer maintained.

This repository contains Sphinx themes for Flask and Flask related projects. To use this theme in your Sphinx documentation:

  1. Install the package using pip: pip install Flask-Sphinx-Themes

  2. Add this to

    .. code-block:: python

    html_theme = 'flask'


The following themes exist for html_theme.

======================= =============================================== flask The standard Flask documentation theme for large projects

flask_small Small single page theme. Intended to be used by very small addon libraries for Flask. ======================= ===============================================


The following options can be set with html_theme_options.

======================= =============================================== index_logo Filename of a picture in _static to be used as replacement for the h1 in the index.rst file. Default unset.

index_logo_height Height of the index logo. Default 120px.

touch_icon Filename of a picture in _static to be use as the app icon on Apple devices. Default unset.

github_fork Repository name on GitHub for the "Fork Me" badge. Default unset.

github_ribbon_color Color for the "Fork Me" badge. Default darkblue_121621. ======================= ===============================================

Sidebar Templates

The following sidebar templates can be included in html_sidebars.

======================= =============================================== relations.html Show parent, previous, and next links. ======================= ===============================================

Pygments Style

The theme automatically sets pygments_style to the provided style. Make sure you remove any override from or set it to flasky.

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