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A list of FOSS backup software
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
2 days ago1February 27, 2018296gpl-2.0Python
Official s3cmd repo -- Command line tool for managing Amazon S3 and CloudFront services
20 days ago28August 22, 202333mitRust
Backup tool for PC game saves
a month ago16January 30, 202312mitGo
🗄 CLI tool for backup your databases, files to FTP / SCP / S3 / GCS and other cloud storages.
3 days ago38April 26, 202257apache-2.0Go
Config driven, easy backup cli for restic.
17a year ago36June 10, 20218mitRuby
Shell commands for development, staging, and production parity for Heroku apps
Laravel59029063 years ago29April 30, 202017mitPHP
Driver to seamlessly integrate the Backup Manager into Laravel applications.
Telegram History Dump544
5 years ago55gpl-3.0Ruby
Backup Telegram chat logs using telegram-cli
Mt Aws Glacier516
7 years ago35gpl-3.0Perl
Perl Multithreaded Multipart sync to Amazon Glacier
3 years ago55gpl-3.0Kotlin
Java app to download all your telegram data.
6 months agogpl-2.0C++
Perform a hard reset of the switch
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Awesome Backup Software

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A list of FOSS backup software

Name Implemented in GUI License
burp C Unix,Mac,Windows,Web AGPLv3
duplicity Python2 CLI GPLv2
duplicacy Go Mac, Windows, Web Free for personal use
borg Python3 CLI, Web BSD
zbackup C++ CLI GPLv2
bup Python2 CLI, GTK, QT GPLv2
restic GoLang CLI BSD 2 Clause
git-annex-assistant Haskell Unix,Mac,Windows, Web, Android AGPL\GPL
poppins PHP (ssh,rsync) CLI GPLv3
syncthing GoLang CLI, Web, Android, GTK MPLv2
btrbk Perl CLI GPLv3
rdedup Rust CLI MPL-2
knoxite Go CLI AGPLv3
zpaq C++ CLI Public Domain
scat Go CLI MIT
snapraid C CLI GPLv3
dar C++ CLI GPLv2
dargui C++ Unix, Windows GPLv3
freefilesync C++ Unix, Mac, Windows GPLv3
duplicati C# Unix, Mac, Windows LGPLv3
urback C ˇUnix, Mac, Windows, Web AGPLv3
rsync C CLI GPLv3
backup-anything Shell Linux, Mac MIT
kopia Go Linux, Mac, Windows Apache License 2.0
backy Go CLI BSD-3-Clause
gobackup Go CLI MIT

Know any good backup Software? Make a PR! I'll add it here!

This list is intended to advocate Free Software Backup solution, and is dedicated to all those gone hourse I spent monitoring TSM.

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