🦄 Best beautiful java blog, worth a try
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2 years ago100mitJavaScript
🦄 Best beautiful java blog, worth a try
Android Concurrent Database65
9 years ago2mitJava
Sample of concurrent safe access to Android SQLite Database
Middleman Blog Similar46
187 years ago5April 10, 20171mitRuby
An extension for middleman-blog that adds method to lookup similar article.
Dapper A Simple Web App Using Dapper And Sqlite15
6 years agoJavaScript
Simple ASP.NET Core web app using Dapper and SQLite
Logs Analysis9
7 years agoPython
Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree Project 3
Newspaper App9
2 years ago15mitHTML
A web app using the Django framework. Frontend using HTML, CSS, javascript, and bootstrap. Add articles that can be viewed by anyone. Just make an account and you are good to go.
5 years agoNovember 12, 20232Go
A small blog engine that is my way to learn go and the web
6 years ago2mitPython
Batch scripts curating BioRxiv and PubMed articles by using Altmetric score.
a year agomitJavaScript
PubVis - Web Application for the Interactive Exploration and Discovery of Scientific Publications
6 years agoPython
Crawl and analysis of Dongqiudi App.
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Tale Blog


Tale's English meaning for the Story, I believe that every person who insists on writing a blog is a story; Chinese you call it Collapse does not matter.

Tale uses a lightweight mvc framework Blade for development, the default theme using a beautiful pinghsu, if you think this project is good, please support it star.

demo website:https://tale.biezhi.me

Build Status License @biezhi on zhihu Gitter

QuickStart  |  Contribution  |  Donate  |  Video  |  中文

Here is a throughput graph of the repository for the last few weeks:

Throughput Graph


  • Simple design, beautiful interface
  • Markdown article published
  • Custom article links
  • Support multiple themes
  • Support plugin extension
  • Support Emoji
  • Support Netease cloud music player
  • Support for attachments and database backups
  • Deployment is simple, do not rely on Tomcat
  • No database, sqlite embedded

Interface Preview

tale1.png tale_022.png tale_03.png tale_04.png tale_05.png tale_06.png tale_07.png tale_08.png

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