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Newspaper App

A web app made using the django framework. Frontend using html and bootstrap and sqlite3 is used as the database. You can add articles which can be viewed by anyone. Just make an account and you are good to go.


Python 3.8
Django 2.2.10 And additional requirements are in Pipfile.

Setting up the Project

  • Download and install Python 3.8
  • Download and install Git.
  • Fork the Repository.
  • Clone the repository to your local machine $ git clone<your-github-username>/newspaper-app.git
  • Change directory to newspaper-app $ cd newspaper-app
  • Install pipenv $ pip3 install pipenv
  • Create a virtual environment and install all requirements from Pipfile $ pipenv install
  • Activate the env: $ pipenv shell
  • Make migrations $ python makemigrations
  • Migrate the changes to the database $ python migrate
  • Create superuser $ python createsuperuser
  • Run the server $ python runserver


Here's a list of steps to be followed for deploying an app to heroku:

  • Run pipenv lock to generate the appropriate Pipfile.lock $ pipenv lock
  • Then create a Procfile which tells Heroku how to run the remote server where our code will live. $ touch Procfile
  • For now were telling Heroku to use gunicorn as our production server and look in our .wsgi file for further instructions. Update Procfile with - web: gunicorn <project_name>.wsgi --log-file -
  • Next install gunicorn which well use in production while still using Djangos internal server for local development use. $ pipenv install gunicorn==19.9.0
  • Finally update ALLOWED_HOSTS with '*' in file.
  • push the updates to the GitHub repository.
  • Login to heroku. $ heroku login
  • Create a new heroku app. $ heroku create <app_name>
  • Set git to use the name of your new app when you push to Heroku. $ heroku git:remote -a <app_name>
  • If there are no static files run $ heroku config:set DISABLE_COLLECTSTATIC=1
  • Push the code to Heroku. $ git push heroku master
  • Add free scaling so the app is actually running online. $ heroku ps:scale web=1


Feel free to raise a issue or make a pull request to fix a bug or add a new feature. If you are new to open source you can first read about git by clicking here.

Communtiy Slack Channel

To get started, the first step is to meet the community. We use slack to communicate, and there the helpful community will guide you. Slack is an instant messaging service used by developers and users of GitHub. It uses chatrooms, where developers can join in and can talk about a particular topic. Click here to join our Slack Workspace.

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