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End-to-end computer vision platform

Label, build, train, tune, deploy and automate in a unified platform that runs on any cloud and on-premises.

Why Onepanel?

Quick start

See quick start guide to get started.

Online demo

For a quick look at some features see this shared, read-only online demo.


To submit a feature request, report a bug or documentation issue, please open a GitHub pull request or issue.

For help, questions, release announcements and contribution discussions, join us on Slack.


Onepanel is modular and consists of multiple repositories.

See contribution guide and in each repository for additional contribution guidelines.


Onepanel seamlessly integrates the following open source projects under the hood:

Argo | Couler | CVAT | JupyterLab | NNI

We are grateful for the support these communities provide and do our best to contribute back as much as possible.


Onepanel is licensed under Apache 2.0.

Enterprise support

Need enterprise features and support? Visit our website for more information.

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