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oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN)

This software was previously known as Intel(R) Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (Intel(R) MKL-DNN) and Deep Neural Network Library (DNNL).

With the launch of oneAPI we changed the project name and repository location to be consistent with the rest of oneAPI libraries:

  • Short library name changed to oneDNN.
  • Repository moved from intel/mkl-dnn to oneapi-src/oneDNN. Existing links to the code and documentation will continue to work.

There are no changes to the API, environment variables, or build options planned at this point.

oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN) is an open-source cross-platform performance library of basic building blocks for deep learning applications. The library is optimized for Intel Architecture Processors, Intel Processor Graphics and Xe architecture-based Graphics. oneDNN has experimental support for the following architectures:

  • Arm* 64-bit Architecture (AArch64)
  • OpenPOWER* Power ISA (PPC64)
  • IBMz* (s390x)

oneDNN is intended for deep learning applications and framework developers interested in improving application performance on Intel CPUs and GPUs. Deep learning practitioners should use one of the applications enabled with oneDNN.

Table of Contents


  • Developer guide explains programming model, supported functionality, and implementation details, and includes annotated examples.
  • API reference provides a comprehensive reference of the library API.


Binary distribution of this software is available as Intel oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library in Intel oneAPI.

Pre-built binaries for Linux*, Windows*, and macOS* are available for download in the releases section. Package names use the following convention:

OS Package name
Linux dnnl_lnx_<version>_cpu_<cpu runtime>[_gpu_<gpu runtime>].tgz
Windows dnnl_win_<version>_cpu_<cpu runtime>[_gpu_<gpu runtime>].zip
macOS dnnl_mac_<version>_cpu_<cpu runtime>.tgz

Several packages are available for each operating system to ensure interoperability with CPU or GPU runtime libraries used by the application.

Configuration Dependency
cpu_iomp Intel OpenMP runtime
cpu_gomp GNU* OpenMP runtime
cpu_vcomp Microsoft Visual C OpenMP runtime
cpu_tbb Threading Building Blocks (TBB)
cpu_dpcpp_gpu_dpcpp Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler, TBB, OpenCL runtime, oneAPI Level Zero runtime

The packages do not include library dependencies and these need to be resolved in the application at build time. See the System Requirements section below and the Build Options section in the developer guide for more details on CPU and GPU runtimes.

If the configuration you need is not available, you can build the library from source.

System Requirements

oneDNN supports platforms based on the following architectures:


Arm 64-bit Architecture (AArch64), Power ISA (PPC64) and IBMz (s390x) support is experimental with limited testing validation.

The library is optimized for the following CPUs:

  • Intel Atom processor with Intel SSE4.1 support
  • 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th generation Intel(R) Core(TM) processor
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor E3, E5, and E7 family (formerly Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, and Broadwell)
  • Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) processor (formerly Knights Landing and Knights Mill)
  • Intel Xeon Scalable processor (formerly Skylake, Cascade Lake, and Cooper Lake)
  • future Intel Xeon Scalable processor (code name Sapphire Rapids)

On a CPU based on Intel 64 or on AMD64 architecture, oneDNN detects the instruction set architecture (ISA) at runtime and uses just-in-time (JIT) code generation to deploy the code optimized for the latest supported ISA. Future ISAs may have initial support in the library disabled by default and require the use of run-time controls to enable them. See CPU dispatcher control for more details.

On a CPU based on Arm AArch64 architecture, oneDNN can be built with Arm Compute Library integration. Arm Compute Library is an open-source library for machine learning applications and provides AArch64 optimized implementations of core functions. This functionality currently requires that Arm Compute Library is downloaded and built separately, see Build from Source.


On macOS, applications that use oneDNN may need to request special entitlements if they use the hardened runtime. See the linking guide for more details.

The library is optimized for the following GPUs:

  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Intel UHD Graphics
  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • Xe architecture-based Graphics (code named DG1 and Tiger Lake)

Requirements for Building from Source

oneDNN supports systems meeting the following requirements:

  • Operating system with Intel 64 / Arm 64 / Power / IBMz architecture support
  • C++ compiler with C++11 standard support
  • CMake 2.8.11 or later
  • Doxygen 1.8.5 or later to build the documentation
  • Arm Compute Library for builds using Compute Library on AArch64.

Configurations of CPU and GPU engines may introduce additional build time dependencies.

CPU Engine

oneDNN CPU engine is used to execute primitives on Intel Architecture Processors, 64-bit Arm Architecture (AArch64) processors, 64-bit Power ISA (PPC64) processors, IBMz (s390x), and compatible devices.

The CPU engine is built by default and cannot be disabled at build time. The engine can be configured to use the OpenMP, TBB or DPCPP runtime. The following additional requirements apply:

Some implementations rely on OpenMP 4.0 SIMD extensions. For the best performance results on Intel Architecture Processors we recommend using the Intel C++ Compiler.

GPU Engine

Intel Processor Graphics and Xe architecture-based Graphics are supported by the oneDNN GPU engine. The GPU engine is disabled in the default build configuration. The following additional requirements apply when GPU engine is enabled:

  • OpenCL runtime requires
    • OpenCL* runtime library (OpenCL version 1.2 or later)
    • OpenCL driver (with kernel language support for OpenCL C 2.0 or later) with Intel subgroups extension support
  • DPCPP runtime requires
  • DPCPP runtime with NVIDIA GPU support requires
    • oneAPI DPC++ Compiler
    • OpenCL runtime library (OpenCL version 1.2 or later)
    • NVIDIA CUDA* driver
    • cuBLAS 10.1 or later
    • cuDNN 7.6 or later


NVIDIA GPU support is experimental. General information, build instructions and implementation limitations is available in NVIDIA backend readme.

Runtime Dependencies

When oneDNN is built from source, the library runtime dependencies and specific versions are defined by the build environment.


Common dependencies:

  • GNU C Library (
  • GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (
  • Dynamic Linking Library (
  • C Math Library (
  • POSIX Threads Library (

Runtime-specific dependencies:

Runtime configuration Compiler Dependency
DNNL_CPU_RUNTIME=OMP Intel C/C++ Compiler Intel OpenMP runtime (
DNNL_CPU_RUNTIME=OMP Clang Intel OpenMP runtime (
DNNL_CPU_RUNTIME=DPCPP Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler runtime (, TBB (, OpenCL loader (
DNNL_GPU_RUNTIME=OCL any OpenCL loader (
DNNL_GPU_RUNTIME=DPCPP Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler runtime (, OpenCL loader (, oneAPI Level Zero loader (


Common dependencies:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (msvcrt.dll)

Runtime-specific dependencies:

Runtime configuration Compiler Dependency
DNNL_CPU_RUNTIME=OMP Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler No additional requirements
DNNL_CPU_RUNTIME=OMP Intel C/C++ Compiler Intel OpenMP runtime (iomp5.dll)
DNNL_CPU_RUNTIME=DPCPP Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler runtime (sycl.dll), TBB (tbb.dll), OpenCL loader (OpenCL.dll)
DNNL_GPU_RUNTIME=OCL any OpenCL loader (OpenCL.dll)
DNNL_GPU_RUNTIME=DPCPP Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler runtime (sycl.dll), OpenCL loader (OpenCL.dll), oneAPI Level Zero loader (ze_loader.dll)


Common dependencies:

  • System C/C++ runtime (libc++.dylib, libSystem.dylib)

Runtime-specific dependencies:

Runtime configuration Compiler Dependency
DNNL_CPU_RUNTIME=OMP Intel C/C++ Compiler Intel OpenMP runtime (libiomp5.dylib)
DNNL_CPU_RUNTIME=TBB any TBB (libtbb.dylib)

Validated Configurations

CPU engine was validated on RedHat* Enterprise Linux 7 with

on Windows Server* 2012 R2 with

on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) with

GPU engine was validated on Ubuntu* 18.04 with

on Windows Server 2019 with

Requirements for Pre-built Binaries

See the README included in the corresponding binary package.

Applications Enabled with oneDNN


Please submit your questions, feature requests, and bug reports on the GitHub issues page.

You may reach out to project maintainers privately at [email protected].


This is pre-production software and functionality may change without prior notice.


We welcome community contributions to oneDNN. If you have an idea on how to improve the library:

  • For changes impacting the public API or library overall, such as adding new primitives or changes to the architecture, submit an RFC pull request.
  • Ensure that the changes are consistent with the code contribution guidelines and coding style.
  • Ensure that you can build the product and run all the examples with your patch.
  • Submit a pull request.

For additional details, see contribution guidelines.

This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.


oneDNN is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0. Refer to the "LICENSE" file for the full license text and copyright notice.

This distribution includes third party software governed by separate license terms.

3-clause BSD license:

Apache License Version 2.0:

Boost Software License, Version 1.0:

MIT License:

SIL Open Font License (OFL):

This third party software, even if included with the distribution of the Intel software, may be governed by separate license terms, including without limitation, third party license terms, other Intel software license terms, and open source software license terms. These separate license terms govern your use of the third party programs as set forth in the "THIRD-PARTY-PROGRAMS" file.


See Intel's Security Center for information on how to report a potential security issue or vulnerability.

See also: Security Policy

Trademark Information

Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Atom, Intel Core, Intel Xeon Phi, Iris, OpenVINO, the OpenVINO logo, Pentium, VTune, and Xeon are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

Microsoft, Windows, and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission by Khronos.

(C) Intel Corporation

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