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Copycat - Testing Extension

(for jest-puppeteer)

This extension is built to ease creating web tests. It is like Selenium-IDE, but for jest-puppeteer (for now).

Also, this extension records actions on your own browser, so it doesn't need to open up new Selenium or Puppeteer window to record your actions on it.

In recording state it records the events which are stated below with the target elements unique selector.

Supported Actions

Click origined events

Action Key Description
click Mouse click event.
mousedown Mouse mousedown event.
drag-and-drop If mouseup event comes after mousedown event and the difference between their coordinates is greater than 10.

Key originated events

Action Key Description
keydown Keyboard keydown event. It automaticly gathers the keydown events into one if they consecutive triggered and their selectors are the same.
combined-keydown It combines special keydown events if they are trigged at the same time, example: Ctrl+A.

Page change events

Action Key Description
page-change If onbeforeunload event is triggered.
click-page-change If onbeforeunload event of the window comes after click or mousedown event.

Verify events

Triggers with right click on the element and choose proper verify action.

Action Key Description
verify-text It gets the right clicked element's text and matches with the textContent of the element in the test.
verify-link It gets the right clicked element's href and matches with the href of the element in the test.
verify-DOM It gets the right clicked element and check if it exists in the test.


Google Web Store

Install on Chrome Web Store


Manual Installation

git clone

Go to copycat directory run

yarn install

Now build the extension using

yarn build

You will see a build folder generated inside [PROJECT_HOME]

Adding Copycat to Chrome

In Chrome browser, go to chrome://extensions page and switch on developer mode. This enables the ability to locally install a Chrome extension.

Now click on the LOAD UNPACKED and browse to [PROJECT_HOME]\build ,This will install the React app as a Chrome extension.

When you go to any website and click on extension icon, injected page will toggle.

Remove unwanted actions on hover.

Usage - Testing Environment

Installation of jest-puppeteer

# for jest 22~23
yarn add --save-dev [email protected] puppeteer jest
# for jest 24+
yarn add --save-dev jest-puppeteer puppeteer jest


# for jest 22~23
npm install --save-dev [email protected] puppeteer jest
# for jest 24+
npm install --save-dev jest-puppeteer puppeteer jest

Update Jest configuration

Create jest.config.js in the root of your testing environment.

module.exports = {
  "preset": "jest-puppeteer"

Creating __tests__ folder

To work with default jest-puppeteer preset, you need to put your test files into the __tests__ folder in the root of your testing environment.

Basic Test Output Code

Following test example in the GIF will generate such code. It starts in my GitHub Profile and clicks one of the pinned repositories (testing-extension) and when page changes it checks for the repository title's href is or not.

describe('Test 1', () => {
	beforeAll(async () => {
		await page.goto('');

	it('Test 1 - 1', async () => {
		await Promise.all([':nth-child(2) > .Box > .pinned-item-list-item-content > .d-flex > .text-bold > .repo'),
		var nodeLink = await page.$$eval('strong > a', el => el[0].href)
	}, 60000);

Update Puppeteer configuration (optional)

Create jest-puppeteer.config.js in the root of your testing environment.

module.exports = {
  launch: {
    headless: false, // Disable headless chromium
    defaultViewport: null // Set page fit to the browser
  browserContext: 'default',

Adding test command to the project configuration

In your project's package.json file, insert "test": "jest" line into the "scripts" object.

It will basicly look something like that:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "jest"
  "devDependencies": {
    "jest-puppeteer": "^4.3.0"
  "dependencies": {
    "jest": "^24.8.0",
    "puppeteer": "^1.19.0"

Running tests

yarn run test or npm run test will do.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct


The repo is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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