Screensaver inspired by Apple’s inbuilt iTunes Screensaver. It can display Artwork by Spotify or Profile Data.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
4 days ago161gpl-3.0Python
The desktop music player of today! (its the future now) :city_sunrise:
Iris1,07022 months ago1January 02, 201779apache-2.0JavaScript
Discover, explore and manage your music library across multiple sources with this beautiful web-based interface. Iris is a Mopidy frontend extension.
6 days ago7mitVue
Advanced music streaming client
3 days ago29gpl-3.0Vue
Music player capable of playing local audio or from Youtube, Spotify and many more Scrubbler Wpf360
6 days ago18gpl-3.0C#
Manual scrobbling for when a service (or you!) failed to scrobble.
2 years ago1mitObjective-C
Screensaver inspired by Apple’s inbuilt iTunes Screensaver. It can display Artwork by Spotify or Profile Data.
2 months ago11January 20, 202311gpl-3.0Rust
MPRIS music scrobbler daemon
Multi Scrobbler143
3 days ago11mitTypeScript
Scrobble plays from multiple sources to multiple clients
3 months agogpl-3.0Python
An app for Windows that will change your desktop wallpaper to the album art of the song you are listening to.
Use Last Fm1131a year ago25July 26, 2021mitTypeScript
🎸 React Hook to use realtime data and display your currently played song in your application.
Alternatives To Musaicfm
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MusaicFM - a iTunes Like Screen Saver for Spotify and

MusaicFM is a macOS screen saver based on the idea of the iTunes screen saver. It displays Artworks based on your Spotify or profile data.

MusaicFM is completely open source, so feel free to contribute to its development!



$ brew install musaicfm


  1. Click here to Download
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Open MusaicFM.saver and confirm installation.

Setting MusaicFM as Your Screen Saver

  1. Open System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver -> Screen Saver
  2. Choose MusaicFM and click on Screen Saver Options to select your settings or login.


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