Web Scrobbler

Scrobble music all around the web!
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Openai Translator18,380
a day ago270agpl-3.0TypeScript
基于 ChatGPT API 的划词翻译浏览器插件和跨平台桌面端应用 - Browser extension and cross-platform desktop application for translation based on ChatGPT API.
Immersive Translate11,587
4 hours ago166other
沉浸式双语网页翻译扩展 , 支持输入框翻译, 鼠标悬停翻译, PDF, Epub, 字幕文件, TXT 文件翻译 - Immersive Dual Web Page Translation Extension
Ext Saladict10,981
a month ago594mitTypeScript
🥗 All-in-one professional pop-up dictionary and page translator which supports multiple search modes, page translations, new word notebook and PDF selection searching.
Web Scrobbler2,213
6 hours ago262mitTypeScript
Scrobble music all around the web!
a month ago210gpl-3.0TypeScript
A beautiful, customisable New Tab page for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.
Emoji Translate1,0282074 years ago9July 20, 20178mitJavaScript
:books: Translate text to ✨emoji ✨!
Sc Translator Crx335
7 days ago10gpl-3.0TypeScript
Focus on providing a great inline web translation experience. A translate extension for chrome.
a month ago178bsd-3-clauseTypeScript
Translate web pages, highlighted text, Netflix subtitles, private messages, speak the translated text, and save important translations to your personal dictionary to learn words even offline
Translate Man270
3 years ago30mitJavaScript
An excellent google translation plug-in, you will love it
2 days ago42mitJavaScript
chrome extension - When mouse hover on text, it shows translated tooltip using google translate
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Web Scrobbler

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Web Scrobbler helps online music listeners to scrobble their playback history.

Supported Services


The extension can be either downloaded from stores, or installed as an unpacked extension.

Chrome Web Store

It can be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store for Chrome users.

Opera users can install the extension from Chrome Web Store using the Download Chrome Extension addon for Opera.


For those who prefer Firefox, the extension is available on Addons.mozilla.org.


The extension is also available in the Apple Store.

Microsoft Edge Add-ons

The extension is also avaiable on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons.

Install from source code

To install the extension from sources or zip file, read this page if you're on Chrome, or this one if you use Firefox.


Build the extension

Before building the extension you should install dependencies:

# Install dependencies
> npm install

# Build the extension
> npm run build firefox
# or
> npm run build chrome
# or (requires Xcode (xcrun and xcodebuild))
> npm run build safari

The built extension is available in build directory. You can install it as an unpacked extension from this directory.

The detailed build instruction is available here.

Develop connectors

Check the wiki page to understand development of connectors. Please also read our contribution guidelines.


We use Transifex to maintain translations. If you want to translate the extension, follow the translations wiki page for details.


Follow @web_scrobbler on Twitter to receive the latest news and updates.

Join the Discord channel to discuss the extension.

Privacy Policy

See the privacy policy.


Licensed under the MIT License.

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