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👋 Hello!

Welcome to the Jodd - a unique, alternative world of Java :) You can find here some micro-frameworks and some handy tools. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jodd = tools + ioc + mvc + db + aop + tx + json + html < 1.7 Mb

The official web-site:


Jodd v6 is the maintained version, working on Java 8 and 11. The following components are promoted to version 6:

The decision which component is promoted is based on the Maven Central Repo statistics.

Version v5 contains remaining libraries and frameworks. They are in maintenance mode.

Sorry, I can only do so much.

⚡️ Jodd

Jodd is set of micro-frameworks and developer-friendly tools and utilities.

Use what you like. Thank you. 🙏

Cool libraries:

  • jodd-json - JSON parser and serializer. ⭐
  • jodd-lagarto - HTML parser with Jerry and CSSelly and Form tag. ⭐
  • jodd-http - tiny HTTP client. ⭐
  • jodd-mail - for easier email sending. ⭐


  • jodd-madvoc - slick MVC framework.
  • jodd-petite - pragmatic DI container. ⭐
  • jodd-proxetta - dynamic proxies and Paramo. ⭐
  • jodd-db - thin database layer and object mapper. ⭐
  • jodd-jtx - transactions management. ⭐

Less used tools:

  • jodd-decora - pages decorator.
  • jodd-htmlstapler - static page resources handler.
  • jodd-vtor - validation framework.

Full Stack Bundle:

  • jodd-joy - super-easy app framework, built with Jodd micro-frameworks.


  • jodd-core - contains many every-day utilities. ⭐
  • jodd-bean - our infamous BeanUtil, type inspectors and converters. ⭐
  • jodd-props - is the super-replacement for Java Properties. ⭐
  • jodd-servlet - with many servlet utilities, including nice tag library.

Read more in our official documentation.

Building Jodd from source

Jodd is built with Gradle on JDK8, targeting Java 1.8. You don't have to install anything, the only prerequisites are Git and Java JDK.

💝 Contribute

Feel free to contribute! Follow these steps:

First time only:

  • fork the Jodd repo (upstream) to your GitHub account (origin)
  • clone origin as your local repo

Every other time:

  • update both origin and local repos from upstream
  • create new branch for a feature or bug fix
  • commit often :)
  • once when work is done, push local changes to your origin
  • send us a pull request (PR)

We will pickup up from there :)


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

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