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Pprof6,8391,9563,9065 days ago34April 23, 202158apache-2.0Go
pprof is a tool for visualization and analysis of profiling data
Vprof3,83997a year ago24February 29, 202027bsd-2-clausePython
Visual profiler for Python
Php Spx1,623
a month ago44gpl-3.0C
A simple & straight-to-the-point PHP profiling extension with its built-in web UI
2 years ago9February 04, 20204mitPython
A simple Python debugger and profiler that generates animated visualizations of program flow, useful for algorithm learning.
Statsview43022 years ago8April 05, 2021mitGo
🚀 A real-time Golang runtime stats visualization profiler
22 days ago4otherJulia
Show Julia profiling data in an explorable HTML page
Python Benchmark Harness124
2 years ago4June 05, 20211mit
A micro/macro benchmark framework for the Python programming language that helps with optimizing your software.
2 months ago3gpl-3.0C++
This is a tool for Linux kernel ftrace and perf events visualization
Haskell Code Spot103
2 years ago2Svelte
Visual tool to spot odd runtime behaviour of Haskell programs.
7 months agootherJavaScript
Profiling Taskflow Programs through Visualization
Alternatives To Vprof
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vprof is a Python package providing rich and interactive visualizations for various Python program characteristics such as running time and memory usage. It supports Python 3.4+ and distributed under BSD license.

The project is in active development and some of its features might not work as expected.




All contributions are highly encouraged! You can add new features, report and fix existing bugs and write docs and tutorials. Feel free to open an issue or send a pull request!


Dependencies to build vprof from source code:

  • Python 3.4+
  • pip
  • npm >= 3.3.12

npm is required to build vprof from sources only.


All Python and npm module dependencies are listed in package.json and requirements.txt.


vprof can be installed from PyPI

pip install vprof

To build vprof from sources, clone this repository and execute

python3 setup.py deps_install && python3 setup.py build_ui && python3 setup.py install

To install just vprof dependencies, run

python3 setup.py deps_install


vprof -c <config> <src>

<config> is a combination of supported modes:

  • c - CPU flame graph ⚠️ Not available for windows #62

Shows CPU flame graph for <src>.

  • p - profiler

Runs built-in Python profiler on <src> and displays results.

  • m - memory graph

Shows objects that are tracked by CPython GC and left in memory after code execution. Also shows process memory usage after execution of each line of <src>.

  • h - code heatmap

Displays all executed code of <src> with line run times and execution counts.

<src> can be Python source file (e.g. testscript.py) or path to package (e.g. myproject/test_package).

To run scripts with arguments use double quotes

vprof -c cmh "testscript.py --foo --bar"

Modes can be combined

vprof -c cm testscript.py

vprof can also profile functions. In order to do this, launch vprof in remote mode:

vprof -r

vprof will open new tab in default web browser and then wait for stats.

To profile a function run

from vprof import runner

def foo(arg1, arg2):

runner.run(foo, 'cmhp', args=(arg1, arg2), host='localhost', port=8000)

where cmhp is profiling mode, host and port are hostname and port of vprof server launched in remote mode. Obtained stats will be rendered in new tab of default web browser, opened by vprof -r command.

vprof can save profile stats to file and render visualizations from previously saved file.

vprof -c cmh src.py --output-file profile.json

writes profile to file and

vprof --input-file profile.json

renders visualizations from previously saved file.

Check vprof -h for full list of supported parameters.

To show UI help, press h when visualizations are displayed.

Also you can check examples directory for more profiling examples.


python3 setup.py test_python && python3 setup.py test_javascript && python3 setup.py e2e_test



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