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The AKEless Build System for C#/.NET

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NUKE is the best open-source build automation system for C#/.NET that runs cross-platform on .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono. While builds are bootstrapped with conventional Bash or PowerShell scripts, their actual implementation resides in simple C# console applications. This approach unleashes the power of the type system and natively provides IDE features like code-completion, refactorings, and debugging. A custom global tool and several IDE extensions further improve how build projects are setup, authored and executed. A revolutionary code-generation approach ensures scalable integration of third-party tools like MSBuild or dotnet CLI.

For more information checkout the resources and FAQ sections.

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Here is a short list of some most-loved features:


Continuous Integration

NUKE builds and tests itself on several different CI servers, which helps ensuring a working integration with those systems. At the same time, the individual configuration files serve as example for the generation experience:

Build Server Status Platform Configuration
AppVeyor AppVeyor Win / Ubuntu appveyor.yml
Azure Pipelines Azure Pipelines Win / Linux / MacOS azure-pipelines.yml
Bitrise Bitrise Ubuntu bitrise.yml
GitHub Actions GitHub Actions Win / Ubuntu / MacOS continuous.yml
GitLab CI GitLab CI Ubuntu .gitlab-ci.yml
TeamCity TeamCity Win settings.kts
Travis CI Travis CI MacOS / Ubuntu .travis.yml


NUKE is already a stable full-featured tool that allows implementing build automation on a professional level, and it continues to evolve! We add new features all the time, but we have too many new cool ideas so that any help is highly appreciated. You can develop new features, fix bugs, improve the documentation, or do some other cool stuff.

If you want to contribute, check out the contribution guidelines and first-timer issues. If you have new ideas or want to complain about bugs, feel free to create an issue. Let's create the best tool for build automation together!

Thanks to all the great people who have already contributed to the project!


Backers & Sponsors

OpenCollective OpenCollective

This project is driven by contributors investing their private free time. If it helps you improving your productivity and thus financial situation, please consider becoming a backer (individuals) or sponsor (companies). Your monetary contributions will be used to further promote the project (website, stickers, cups). Additional profits will be forwarded to non-profit associations.



Thanks to JetBrains for providing licenses for Rider and access to the community TeamCity instance, which both make open-source development a real pleasure!

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