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A powerful and user-friendly CI/CD server

What is is an open-source CI/CD automation server that designed for reducing the complexity and increasing user experience. It supports high availability, multiple building environment, and scalability with dynamic agents.

  • High Availability is designed to work in the cloud -- public, private, or hybrid, it could be deployed with multiple instances, the configuration/jobs data on the node may not be lost when the instance fails.

  • High Performance

    • scaling: automatically scale agent either on K8s cluster or Linux host
    • parallel: job steps can be executed in parallel on multiple agents
    • cache: cache anything to speed up the build
  • Zero Configuration tries to minimize the complexity of any configuration, the server could be started with three command lines. It also provides build templates of many programming languages, a job could be started just using it.

  • Online Debugging supports the online TTY terminal so that you could find out the problems in the running job from runtime terminal.

  • Flexible Plugins

    Using plugins on is quite simple, you just need type the plugin name in the step. Developing a plugin is also quite easy, you could use any language on your own plugin development.

  • Flexible Runtime

    Each step or step group can be run either on any docker images or native os.

Quick start

Docker & Docker-Compose are required

git clone flow-docker
cd flow-docker
./ start


Need Help? submit issue from here


maven, npm, golang, ruby, android and more





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