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A command line utility for creating image macro style memes

Go report card

Am i the only one around here?


  • Create memes from built-in templates
  • Create memes from image URL's
  • Create memes from local image files
  • Supports drawing on animated gifs
  • Supports intensifing images by shaking them slightly
  • Supports adding the 'triggered' banner
  • Resizes oversized images
  • Automatically upload to (when passed a client id)
  • Works on Linux, Mac and Windows

Simple example

To create a meme use the following command. The image can be an built-in template, a URL or the path to a local file.

meme -i brace-yourselves -t "brace yourselves|the memes are coming"

When the command finishes, the location of the newly generated meme is printed to the terminal. This location can be overriden using the -o flag.


  • Install Go
  • Run go get -u -v

Automatic uploads

If you supply an imgur client id when invoking the command, the meme will automatically be uploaded to To get a client id, follow these steps.

  1. Create an imgur account
  2. Register this application for anonymous usage
  3. Once registered, you get a client id for use when invoking the command. See meme -help
  4. Read the rate limits


Run the following command for help and to list all of the available built-in templates.

meme -help

Other examples

meme -i brace-yourselves -t "brace yourselves|the memes are coming"

Brace yourselves

meme -gif -i -t "|when somebody mentions china"

When somebody mentions china

meme -shake -i kirk-khan -t "|khaaaaan"


meme -trigger -i


Built-in templates

To create a meme using one of the built-in templates, use one of the following id's with the -i flag. (You can also list these using the meme -help command.)

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