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Provides a roslaunch server that can be invoked by actionlib, and that monitors CPU and RAM usage

User interface


The interface requires npyscreen: sudo pip install npyscreen


There are four ways of using the monitor server. All of the them requires first having the launch_server running:

rosrun roslaunch_monitor

First way: same as roslaunch

rosrun roslaunch_monitor my_pkg my_file.launch my_parameter:=42

Second way: using the service

This way requires already having a monitor_server instance running, same as above. The monitor server may also be invoked without any arguments. After we have the launch_server and monitor_server running, we can call the service:

rosservice call /monitor_server/monitor_launch "pkg: 'my_pkg'
launch_file: 'my_file.launch'                                                                           
parameters: ['my_parameter']
values: ['42']
monitor_cfg: ''" 

The service will return the launch_id value, which we may keep track of if we want to shut down the launch file again, using the following call:

rosservice call /monitor_server/cancel_launch "launch_id: 2"

Third way: using the API

We may also configure our launch files programatically, in Python. This gives us a UI, same as the monitor_server above.

import rospy
from roslaunch_monitor.monitor_app import MonitorApp


App = MonitorApp()

slam_monitor_cfg = {'test_slam_node': [{'condition': 'cpu_percent', 'action': 'RESTART', 'limit': 90, 'window': 100},
                                       {'condition': 'nbr_restarts', 'action': 'KILL', 'limit': 1}]}
sim_monitor_cfg = {'test_slam_sim_node': [{'condition': 'ram_mb', 'action': 'RESTART', 'limit': 30, 'window': 10},
                                          {'condition': 'nbr_restarts', 'action': 'KILL', 'limit': 10}]}

App.queue_launch("rfs_slam", "test_sim.launch", sim_monitor_cfg)
App.queue_launch("rfs_slam", "slam.launch", slam_monitor_cfg)

Fourth way: using the RQT Plugin

You can also launch nodes using the RQT plugin interface as shown below. Note that you can not use this interface for monitoring, or for killing/restarting individual nodes. User interface

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