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== Neo4j Movies Application: Quick Start



This example application demonstrates how easy it is to get started with[Neo4j] in Python.

It is a very simple web application that uses our Movie graph dataset to provide a search with listing, a detail view and a graph visualization.

=== The Stack

These are the components of our Web Application:

Provision a database quickly with[Neo4j Sandbox] or[Neo4j Aura].

=== Setup

First get yourself setup with link:[virtualenv] so we don't break any other Python stuff you have on your machine. After you've got that installed let's setup an environment for our app:


virtualenv neo4j-movies source neo4j-movies/bin/activate

The next step is to install the dependencies for the app with pip (or pip3 for python3):


pip install -r requirements.txt

=== Run locally

Start your local Neo4j Server ([Download & Install]), open the http://localhost:7474[Neo4j Browser]. Then install the Movies data-set with :play movies, click the statement, and hit the triangular "Run" button.

And finally let's start up a Flask web server:



or python3

Running on

Navigate to http://localhost:8080 and you should see your first Neo4j application

=== Configuration options

[%header,cols=2*] |=== |Environment variable name |Default value (or N/A)

|PORT |8080

|NEO4J_URI |neo4j+s://

|NEO4J_USER |movies


|NEO4J_DATABASE |movies |===

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