A task runner that works well with poetry.
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A task runner that works well with poetry.
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A Minimalistic CLI Tool for Managing and Running Bash Snippets
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Docker Compose execute task runner
Alternatives To Poethepoet
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Poe the Poet

Poe the Poet

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A batteries included task runner that works well with poetry.

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  • Straight forward declaration of project tasks in your pyproject.toml

  • Tasks are run in poetry's virtualenv (or another env you specify)

  • Shell completion of task names (and global options too for zsh)

  • The poe CLI can be used standalone, or as a plugin for the poetry

  • Tasks can be commands, shell scripts, python expressions, or references to python functions

  • Concise commands with extra arguments passed to the task poe [options] task [task_args]

  • Easily define CLI arguments for your tasks

  • Tasks can specify and reference environment variables, even without a shell

  • Tasks are self documenting, with optional help messages (just run poe with no arguments)

  • Tasks can be composed into sequences or DAGs

  • Works with .env files

Quick start

  1. Install the Poe the Poet via pipx or another method.
pipx install poethepoet
  1. Define some tasks in your pyproject.toml
test         = "pytest --cov=my_app"                         # a simple command task
serve.script = "my_app.service:run(debug=True)"              # python script based task
tunnel.shell = "ssh -N -L$PROD:8080 $PROD &"   # (posix) shell based task
  1. Run your tasks via the CLI
$ poe test -v tests/unit # extra CLI arguments are appended to the underlying command
Poe => pytest --cov=my_app

If you're using poetry, then poe will automatically use CLI tools and libraries from your poetry managed virtualenv without you having to run poetry run or poetry shell

Poe can also be used without poetry.


There's plenty to do, come say hi in the discussions or open an issue!

Also check out the CONTRIBUTING.MD



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