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RAML Client Generator

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Template-driven generator of clients for APIs described by RAML.


First, make sure node has been installed. Then, we can install it using npm:

npm install raml-client-generator -g


To generate an API client, point the command to your base RAML file and specify the output directory and language.

raml-to-client api.raml -o api-client -l javascript

Supported Languages

  • JavaScript (javascript)
    • Node and browser support
    • Promises
    • Complete OAuth 2.0 Support
    • Multiple client instances
    • Automatic and package.json generation
    • Multi-part form data

We're excited to see new languages soon! If you have a language you'd like to implement, check out the implementation guide.


npm install
npm test # This *will* test every language.


Apache 2.0

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