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Osprey Mock Service

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Generate an API mock service from a RAML definition using Osprey.


Global (CLI)

npm install -g osprey-mock-service

Start the service from the CLI. This will automatically use the baseUri as the path to the mock service. For example, will result in http://localhost:{PORT}/api.

osprey-mock-service -f api.raml -p 3000 --cors


  • -f Path to the root RAML definition (E.g. /path/to/api.raml)
  • -p Port number to bind the server locally
  • --cors Enable CORS with the API

Locally (JavaScript)

npm install osprey-mock-service --save

The mocking service simply accepts a RAML definition and returns a router that can be mounted into any Connect-style middleware layer or even used with http. Best used with osprey to support incoming validation automatically.

const ospreyMockService = require('osprey-mock-service')
const express = require('express')
const wap = require('webapi-parser').WebApiParser
const path = require('path')
const osprey = require('osprey')

async function main () {
  const app = express()
  const fpath = `file://${path.join(__dirname, 'api.raml')}`
  let model = await wap.raml10.parse(fpath)
  model = await wap.raml10.resolve(model)



Additional methods

  • createServer Creates a mock service instance with Osprey
  • createServerFromBaseUri Creates a mock service with Osprey and uses the base URI path
  • loadFile Creates a mock service with Osprey and the base URI path from a RAML file


Apache License 2.0

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