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RAML Server

Get a full fake REST API with zero coding by writing a RAML spec.

Why building a new RAML based server? Cause this one works with JSON-Server, so no much code to do (maintain).

This is an open source project, so issues, PRs and suggestions are wellcome.


RAML Server is tested under node v0.12. If you don't have node installed yet, doing it via nvm is recommended.

If you have node installed, run

$ npm install -g raml-server


Start a server based on the exampleApi.raml file

$ raml-server exampleApi.raml

And hit localhost:3000/songs. Also, later POSTs to /songs on the server will be saved!

How it works?

This is done by generating responses' data reading the JSON schemas with the RAML Mocker, and run with JSON-Server.

Next release fixes

  • Support imports in RAML.
  • Support nested resources (today it only routes the JSON schema of the top level resources, like /songs).
  • RAML 1.0.
  • Start a server based on the api.raml file that is on the current directory if no argument is provided.

As seen at

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