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DEPRECATION NOTICE: please note that this parser is now deprecated, please use webapi-parser instead.


RAML Java Parser

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This is a Java implementation of a RAML parser for versions 1.0 and 0.8. The parser depends on SnakeYaml, a Java YAML parser.

The old version that only support RAML 0.8 is still available here.

See for more information about RAML.



Development version

SNAPSHOT versions are NOT synchronized to Central. If you want to use a snapshot version you need to add the repository to your pom.xml.


JAR file without dependencies

mvn clean package

JAR file with dependencies

mvn clean package -P jar-with-dependencies

Run standalone validator

java -jar raml-parser-2-{version}.jar raml-file ...

Raml Java Parser JVM Arguments

In order to provide more flexibility, users can set different system properties when parsing different RAML files. Here we list all the system properties you can use right now:

Argument Description Default Value
yagi.json_duplicate_keys_detection Setting it to true will make the parser fail if any JSON example contains duplicated keys true
raml.json_schema.fail_on_warning Setting it to true will make the parser fail if any example validated against a particular Json Schema throws a warning message false
yagi.date_only_four_digits_year_length_validation If TRUE, years of more than 4 digits are considered invalid true
org.raml.date_only_four_digits_year_length_validation Same as "yagi.date_only_four_digits_year_length_validation" (kept for backwards compatibility) true
org.raml.dates_rfc3339_validation if TRUE, enables RFC3339 validation for "datetime" type true
org.raml.dates_rfc2616_validation if TRUE, enables RFC2616 validation for "datetime" type true
raml.xml.expandInternalEntities Controls Java's DISALLOW_DOCTYPE_DECL_FEATURE false
org.raml.strict_booleans If FALSE, the strings "true" and "false" are valid for boolean type false
org.raml.fallback_datetime_to_datetime-only if TRUE, value passed to a datetime type will fallback on the datetime-only type and validate accordingly false
org.raml.cast_strings_as_numbers if TRUE, will attempt to cast strings as numbers and validate false
org.raml.nillable_types if TRUE, makes all types equivalent to type: type: type| nil; false
raml.verifyRaml Verify the RAML file for YAML reference abuses true
raml.verifyReferenceCycle Specifically verify YAML reference cycles true
raml.maxDepth Limit depth of YAML references 2000
raml.maxReferences Limit number of YAML references in expansions 10000
raml.parser.encoding Defines the charset being used by the parser UTF-8

The RAML parser's XML parsing components also respect Java XML entity properties.


RamlModelResult ramlModelResult = new RamlModelBuilder().buildApi(input);
if (ramlModelResult.hasErrors())
    for (ValidationResult validationResult : ramlModelResult.getValidationResults())
    Api api = ramlModelResult.getApiV10();


Contribution guidelines

Contributor’s Agreement

To contribute source code to this repository, please read our contributor's agreement, and then execute it by running this notebook and following the instructions:

Pull requests are always welcome

We are always thrilled to receive pull requests, and do our best to process them as fast as possible. Not sure if that typo is worth a pull request? Do it! We will appreciate it.

If your pull request is not accepted on the first try, don't be discouraged! If there's a problem with the implementation, hopefully you received feedback on what to improve.

Create issues...

Any significant improvement should be documented as a GitHub issue before anybody starts working on it.

...but check for existing issues first!

Please take a moment to check that an issue doesn't already exist documenting your bug report or improvement proposal. If it does, it never hurts to thumb up the original post or add "I have this problem too". This will help prioritize the most common problems and requests.

Merge approval

The maintainers will review your pull request and, if approved, will merge into the main repo. Commits get approval based on the conventions outlined in the previous section. For example, new features without additional tests will be not approved.

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