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Module Federation Examples

This repository is to showcase examples of how Webpack 5's new Module Federation can be used.

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Practical Module Federation Book We will be actively updating this book over the next year as we learn more about best practices and what issues people are running into with Module Federation, as well as with every release of Webpack as it moves towards a release candidate and release. So with your one purchase you are buying a whole year of updates.


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  • ⚠️: In Progress/Incomplete
  • 🔒: Depends on proprietary code that isn't free.


To run from a git checkout locally, remove all of the proprietary example directories and then run yarn at the repo root. You can then run yarn && yarn start from any of the non-proprietary examples.

Module federation will work with any type of file that youre able to import, that webpack underestands how to process. It is not a JS only, or react only feature. Images, CSS, JSON, WASM, and anything else can be federated.

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