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The extensible Minecraft Proxy

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Gate is an extensible, high performant & paralleled Minecraft proxy server with scalability, flexibility & excellent server version support - written in Go and ready for the cloud!

Gate is currently subject to have breaking changes, but you can already start using it! It is already being used by our wide community and powers the open Connect Network!

Website & Documentation

There is a lot to discover on Gate's website. Please refer to the website for the documentation, guides and any more information needed!

Quick Start

Follow our quick start guide on creating a simple Minecraft network!

go run[email protected]

Server list

Gate Lite Mode

Gate has a Lite Mode which is a lightweight version of Gate that can expose multiple Minecraft servers through a single port and IP address and reverse proxy players to backend servers based on the hostname/subdomain they join with.

See the Lite Mode guide for more information.

graph LR
    A[Player Alice] -->|Join| C(Gate Lite)
    B[Player Bob] -->|Join| C(Gate Lite)
    C -->|| D[Backend A]
    C -->|| E[Backend B]
    C -->|| F[Another Proxy]
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    linkStyle 1 stroke:purple
    linkStyle 2 stroke:purple
    linkStyle 3 stroke:orange
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