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Swiss army knife for Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) software written in Go


telescope gopher


gophertunnel is composed of several packages that may be of use for creating Minecraft related tools. A brief overview of all packages may be found here.


Examples on how to dial a connection or start a server can be found in the minecraft package. Additionally, a MITM proxy is implemented in the main.go file.


Gophertunnel supports only one version at a time, but multiple protocols can be supported with the API. Generally, a new minor version is tagged when gophertunnel supports a new Minecraft version that was not previously supported. The latest version of gophertunnel supports v1.19.0.


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Gophertunnel is sponsored by all my gopher sponsors. A special thanks goes to the Very Important Gophers below.


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Note: We do not under any circumstance support or endorse the usage of gophertunnel with malicious intent.

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