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AWS-LA (AWS Log Analyzer)


This script allows you to easily import various AWS log types into an Elasticsearch cluster running locally on your computer in a docker container.

Supported AWS Log Types

Future Log Types Supported

  • Cloudtrail audit logs
  • Cloudfront access logs
  • S3 access logs
  • Others to come!

Steps Automated

The script configures everything that is needed in the ELK stack:

  • Elasticsearch:

    • indices
    • mappings
    • ingest pipelines
  • Kibana:

    • index-patterns
    • field formatting for index-pattern fields
    • importing dashboards, visualizations, and dashboards
    • custom link directly to the newly created dashboard

Installation Steps

  • Install Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac

  • Clone this git repository:

    git clone && cd aws-la

  • Install requirements:

    pip install -r ./requirements.txt

Running the Script

  • Bring the docker environment up:

    docker-compose up -d

  • Verify that the containers are running:

    docker ps

  • Verify that Elasticsearch is running:

    curl -XGET localhost:9200/_cluster/health?pretty

  • To run the script, specify the log type and directory containing the logs. For example, you could run the following command to import ELB Access Logs

    python --logtype elb --logdir ~/logs/elblogs/

  • Valid log types are specified by running the --help argument. Currently, the valid logtypes are the following:

    elb                 # ELB access logs
    alb                 # ALB access logs
    vpc                 # VPC flow logs
    r53                 # Route53 query logs
    apache              # apache access log ('access_log')
    apache_archives     # apache access logs (gunzip compressed with logrotate)
  • Browse to the link provided in the output by using cmd + double-click, or browse directly to the default Kibana page:


  • You can import multiple log types in the same ELK cluster. Just run the command again with the new log type and log directory:

     python --logtype vpc --logdir ~/logs/vpc-flowlogs/
  • When done, you can shutdown the containers:

    docker-compose down -v

Screenshots / Examples:

  • Python output: Python script output

    • As you can see, I was able to import 12.5 million VPC flowlogs in around 2 hours
  • Searching for traffic initiated by RFC1918 (private) IP addresses:

    • Browse to Discover tab, and enter the following query in the query bar:

    source_ip_address:"" OR source_ip_address:"" OR source_ip_address:""

    Search for RFC1918 Traffic

    • Alternately, you can search for all traffic initiated by Public IP addresses in the logs:

    NOT (source_ip_address:"" OR source_ip_address:"" OR source_ip_address:"")

    Search for non-RFC1918 Traffic

    • Search for a specific flow to/from a specific ENI:

    interface-id:<eni-name> AND (source_port:<port> OR dest_port:<port>)

    Search flow to Specific ENI

    • Note: VPC Flow Logs split a flow into two log entries, so the above search will find both sides of the flow and show packets / bytes for each
  • Dashboard imported for VPC Flow Logs: VPC Dashboard

  • Dashboard imported for ALB Access Logs: ALB Dashboard

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