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Interactive flow/graph visualization for building domain specific visual programming environments. Provides UI bindings for JavaFX.

See and for an introduction.

Join the Developer Group if you'd like to contribute.

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Replace version with the desired version (see above for latest version).


How To Build


  • Java >= 1.8.0_60
  • Internet connection (other dependencies are downloaded automatically)
  • IDE: Gradle Plugin (not necessary for command line usage)


Open the VWorkflows Gradle project in your favourite IDE (tested with IntelliJ 2021) and build it by calling the assemble task.

Command Line

Navigate to the Gradle project (e.g., path/to/VWorkflows) and enter the following command

Bash (Linux/OS X/Cygwin/other Unix-like OS)

./gradlew assemble

Windows (CMD)

gradlew assemble

Test It

Besides the tests defined in VWorkflows-Core (test task) it is also possible to run a graphical demo that comes with VWorkflows-Demo subproject. To run it call the run task.

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