Weather Stations

A list of public weather stations everyone can edit and share.
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4 years agon,ullPHP
Taiwan's Weather Maps! 想查詢每個地方的天氣嗎!?藉由 Google Maps API 的地圖服務,以及中央氣象局網站的天氣預報,讓你快速輕鬆的查詢台灣 368 個鄉鎮的天氣概況!
Wind Js Server103
a year ago11otherJavaScript
Service to expose Grib2 wind forecast data as JSON
Weacast App61
2 months ago1mitJavaScript
Weacast demo application
Weather Swiftui45
4 years ago4Swift
A weather app that uses the Dark Sky API built using SwiftUI! Get the current weather for a particular location and check out the 5-day forecast!
Weather Stations44
22 days ago9Python
A list of public weather stations everyone can edit and share. Forecast43933 years ago12April 12, 20181mitJavaScript
Node.js module to get weather forecast data in JSON format from service.
Perfect Weather30
6 years agoSwift
Demonstrate using URL Routes & variables, Fetching of remote data from API's as JSON, reading and transforming to data more appropriately consumable by an API client.
Ec Weather2629 months ago6October 10, 20217mitJavaScript
Parse Environment Canada RSS feeds into clean and friendly JSON.
Apiai Python Webhook23
5 years ago6apache-2.0Python
3 years ago5July 24, 2019mitSwift
A pure-Swift Codable layer over the Dark Sky API.
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Weather Stations

A weather station is a location where meteorological data is measured. Most countries operate public weather station networks in order to monitor weather and climate. This repository provides a list of public weather stations everyone can contribute to. The data is maintained by Meteostat.

You can download the list of weather stations, including Meteostat inventory data, in JSON format:

Additional information about the Meteostat bulk data interface is available in the documentation.

Data Structure

The stations directory contains one JSON file per weather station. The files are named after the station's Meteostat ID and hold one JSON object which describes the respective weather station.


Each weather station must provide the following properties. Missing values are defined as null. The following properties are mandatory and must be present in a station file. Additional properties, like all entries under identifiers, are optional and should only be included if set.

  • id: Meteostat ID (String)
  • name: Name in different languages (Object)
  • country: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, e.g. CA for Canada (String)
  • region: ISO 3166-2 state or region code, e.g. TX for Texas (String)
  • identifiers: Identifiers (Object)
  • location: Geographic location (Object)
    • latitude: Latitude (Float)
    • longitude: Longitude (Float)
    • elevation: Elevation in meters (Integer)
  • timezone: Time zone (String)


  • All files in the stations directory are named after the station's Meteostat ID.
  • Names of weather stations are capitalized.
  • Use short and descriptive names for a weather station.
  • Many weather stations are located at aerodromes. When naming weather stations please refer to aerodromes, which involve air cargo or passengers, as airports and use the term airfield if they don't.


If you want to add a new weather station, update some information or correct an error, please either correct/update the affected file(s) & create a pull request or fill an issue & describe your concern. We will review each request and update the list accordingly. Once your changes are merged into the master branch they will be visible in all Meteostat products within a few days.

Data License

The list of weather stations is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License.

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