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YouTube Comment Suite lets you aggregate YouTube comments from numerous videos, playlists, and channels for archiving, general search, and showing activity. Achieve the functionality of the Community > Comments tool that is provided to YouTube creators and more.


  • Want to see how often a keyword/topic comes up?
  • Have a question that may have been answered in the thousands of comments and videos?
  • Want to know who the most active and popular fans are?
  • Want to see a user's comment history over an entire channel or channels?


  • Cross-platform using Java 8 and JavaFX
  • Include multiple channels, playlists, and videos in a single group.
  • Search for comments by video, type, username, keyword, length, and date.
  • Export search results to handier and more consumable JSON format.
  • Display stats about videos: publishes per week, most popular, most disliked, most commented, and disabled.
  • Display stats about comments: posts per week, most active posters, most popular posters.
  • Option to save thumbnails and profiles for archival and offline viewing.
  • Sign into multiple YouTube accounts and choose which to reply with.
  • View video context when selecting a comment.


GitHub Releases


Extract the latest release zip file and run youtube-comment-suite-#.#.#.jar.

Linux / Ubuntu

Instructions on how to get this running in Ubuntu 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20 can be found in the wiki here:

Extracting the zip

When extracting the latest release zip, be sure to include the lib folder alongside the jar otherwise it will not run.

Simply extracting all zip contents to a folder will do this.

Getting Started

Want to know more about how to use this program? Check out the Wiki!


Refer to for instructions on how to build and run youtube-comment-suite from source.


Contributions are welcome, refer to for more detail.

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