A CLI utility program for Node.js monorepo projects.
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Alternatives To Monorepo
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A CLI utility program for Node.js monorepo projects.

npm install monorepo --save-dev

build status npm version


  • Adapters. Use either npm (default) or yarn.
  • Parallel. Runs package scripts and commands in parallel.


lerna is pretty good, but seems bloated and messes up the output to stdout.


Add a monorepo.json to the root of the project. Example:

  "adapter": "npm",
  "packages": ["packages/*"]

To install all the sub-package dependencies, run:

monorepo install

To publish all the sub-package dependencies, run:

monorepo publish

To run the test script in each of the packages, run:

monorepo run test


monorepo(args, flags, opts, cb)

monorepo may be used as a Node.js module:

const monorepo = require('monorepo')

  {adapter: 'yarn', quiet: true},
  {cwd: path.resolve(__dirname, 'path/to/root')},
  err => {
    if (err) {
      process.exit(err.code || 1)
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