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Touch Bar iStats

Touch Bar iStats shows temperature of CPU/GPU/MEM or whatever you want sensor on your touch bar.

How to install

  1. Install BetterTouchTool
  2. Install iStats ruby gem with sudo gem install iStats (you can use macOS embedded ruby, rbenv or rvm)
  3. Pull this repo contents
  4. Open BetterTouchTool/Configuration/Touch Bar and import bttpreset files

Gauges will turn red when a safe temperature is exceeded:

  • CPU >75°C | 30s
  • GPU >85°C | 30s
  • MEM >75°C | 5m

You can change probing interval in BetterTouchTool on widget's Advanced Configuration dialog.

btt-json-presets folder contains presets in older format.




Touch Bar iStats is published under the MIT License.

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