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SplashBuddy goal is to provide an elegant and secure onboarding process for Mac users using DEP.

It allows you to:

  • Prevent your users from using their Mac before the minimum software is installed
  • Provide status on the software that is currently being installed
  • Display important information

It currently supports Jamf Pro, Munki and install.log (VPP) as source of informations. You're welcome to contribute to the project. Every little helps.

In action


Here's a video of the SplashBuddy (v1.0) running at Culture Amp that was presented during Macbrained: Link.

Quick Start

The best place to start is the Kickstart Guide.

Release history

The release history is available here.

Splashbuddy was made possible thanks to the work of the following individuals.

Getting help

The best place to discuss SplashBuddy is to join the #splashbuddy channel on the MacAdmins Slack.

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I (ftiff) have been working countless hours at night for two years to bring SplashBuddy to life. Many others invested time in it too.

You can also contribute and be part of this list.

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