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The premier Open Source Data Quality solution.

DataCleaner is a Data Quality toolkit that allows you to profile, correct and enrich your data. People use it for ad-hoc analysis, recurring cleansing as well as a swiss-army knife in matching and Master Data Management solutions.

Where to go for end-user information?

Please visit the DataCleaner community website for downloads, news, documentation etc.

Visit our Gitter chat channel for asking questions or discussions.

GitHub markdown pages and issues are used for developers and technical aspects only.

Module structure

The main application modules are:

  • api - The public API of DataCleaner. Mostly interfaces and annotations that you should use to build your own extensions.
  • resources - Static resources in DataCleaner
  • oss-branding - Icons and colors
  • testware - Useful classes for unit testing of DataCleaner and extension code.
  • engine
    • core - The core engine piece which allows execution of jobs and components as per the API.
    • xml-config - Contains utilities for reading and writing job files and configuration files of DataCleaner.
    • env - Different/alternative environments that DataCleaner can run in, for instance Apache Spark or webapp-cluster
  • components
    • ... - many sub modules containing built-in as well as additional components/extensions to use with DataCleaner.
    • standard-components - a container-project that dependends on all components that are normally bundled in DataCleaner community edition.
  • desktop
    • api - The public API for the DataCleaner desktop application.
    • ui - The Swing-based user interface for desktop users
  • monitor
    • api - the API classes and interfaces of DataCleaner monitor

Code style and formatting

In the root of the project you can find 'Formatter-[IDE].xml' files which enable you to import the code formatting rules of the project into your IDE.

Continuous Integration

There's a public build of DataCleaner that can be found on Travis CI:


Licensed under the Lesser General Public License, see

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