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Tad is a desktop application for viewing and analyzing tabular data such as CSV files.

You can launch tad from the command line like this:

$ tad movie_metadata.csv

This will open a new window with a scrollable view of the file contents:

Tad screenshot

Tad's main grid component is actually a full featured pivot table; a few additional mouse clicks from the above view yields this:

tad screenshot

Installing Tad

The easiest way to install Tad is to use a pre-packaged binary release. See The Tad Landing Page for information on the latest release and a download link.

Building Tad from Source

Detailed instructions on building tad from sources available in src/doc/

Implementation / Architecture

Tad is an Electron application written in ES2015 using flow type annotations. Tad's front end User Interface is implemented in React, using SlickGrid for the main grid component. In the main process, Tad uses SQLite for internal storage and efficient queries on tabular data.
The Tad internals need more documentation; for now there is a sloppy hand-drawn sketch outlining the basic structure.

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