Deep Learning Mahjong

Reinforcement learning (RL) implementation of imperfect information game Mahjong using markov decision processes to predict future game states
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Pysc27,745206a month ago8September 27, 201947apache-2.0Python
StarCraft II Learning Environment
Open_spiel3,68612 days ago15May 28, 202237apache-2.0C++
OpenSpiel is a collection of environments and algorithms for research in general reinforcement learning and search/planning in games.
Alpha Zero General3,248
13 days ago65mitJupyter Notebook
A clean implementation based on AlphaZero for any game in any framework + tutorial + Othello/Gobang/TicTacToe/Connect4 and more
Football2,98428 months ago27January 25, 202226apache-2.0Python
Check out the new game server:
2 days ago61otherPython
High-quality single file implementation of Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms with research-friendly features (PPO, DQN, C51, DDPG, TD3, SAC, PPG)
Rlcard2,181118 days ago38March 23, 202253mitPython
Reinforcement Learning / AI Bots in Card (Poker) Games - Blackjack, Leduc, Texas, DouDizhu, Mahjong, UNO.
Muzero General2,074
2 months ago49mitPython
9 days agoapache-2.0Python
Artificial intelligence for the Snake game.
Awesome Deep Rl1,225
4 months agomitHTML
For deep RL and the future of AI.
17 days ago30February 08, 202214otherJupyter Notebook
​TextWorld is a sandbox learning environment for the training and evaluation of reinforcement learning (RL) agents on text-based games.
Alternatives To Deep Learning Mahjong
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Deep Learning Mahjong [机器学习深度学习麻將] 🔴

Mahjong [麻將] 🔴

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Motivation 🔻

Watching my grandma play mahjong online and I was curious how the NPCs made their decisions.

Game Play 🔻

  • 3 or 4 player draw-and-discard game with 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols.
  • Match open pairs of identical tiles, remove from board, exposing the tiles under them for play.
  • Game ends when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board or no more exposed pairs remaining.
  • Players get more realistic experiences and playable content in a game that involves skill, strategy, calculation, and chance.

Types [Make Configurable] 🔴

  • Old Hong Kong / Cantonese Mahjong [DEFAULT MODE]
  • Competitive Mahjong International Standard
  • Three-Player Mahjong [3-ka]
  • Battle Mahjong [Player vs Cartoon NPC]

Game Tile Count Per Set [Total 144] 🔻

  • Simples [108]
    • Dots 36
    • Bamboo 36
    • Characters 36
  • Honors [28]
    • Winds - [North, West, South, East] 16
    • Dragons - [Red, Green, White] 12
  • Bonus [8]
    • Flower - [Plum Blossom, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo] 4
    • Seasons - [Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter] 4
  • Mahjong Combos
    • Heavenly Hand [天糊]
    • Great Winds [大四喜]
    • Great Dragons [大三元]
    • All Kongs [十八羅漢]
    • All Honor Tiles [字一色]
    • Thirteen Orphans [十三幺]
    • Nine Gates Hand [九蓮宝燈]
    • Self Triplets [四暗刻]
    • All in Triplets [對對糊]
    • Mixed One Suit [混一色]
    • All One Suit [清一色]
    • Common Hand [平糊]
    • Small Dragons [小三元]
    • Small Winds [小四喜]

Image source Wikipedia

Technical Mahjong Game Documentation [技术文档] 🔴

Mahjong 🔻

  • ML Algorithms allows game to react and respond more dynamically and in more imaginative ways.
  • Deep Neural Network with reinforcement learning implemented.
  • Learn from its own game and top human players (via Classic Supervised Learning) where computations are made for every move or position.


Machine Learning [机器学习] 🔻

  • Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

    • Algorithms playing as NPCs (with adjustable difficulties) respond to player’s actions in unique, unexpected ways.
    • NPCs are non hard-coded.
    • Train NPCs by imitating Top Mahjong Players to learn dynamic movements and actions.
    • Natural Language Processing [NLP] to build realistic interactions in conversations. Key for Battle Mahjong [Player vs Cartoon NPC] style.
  • Computational Modelling

    • Complex game states modelled such that game can predict and alter downstream effects:
    • Ex1: Team chemistry score calculated based on personalities of each gamer.
    • Ex2: Morale of each player’s abilities as game is played in real-time.
  • Game Aesthetics

    • Ex: Computer Vision Algorithms used for mahjong textures and objects to render dynamically as player moves tiles on the board.

Deep Learning [深度学习] 🔻

  • DL Game Play
    • AI will win through intelligence rather than faster mechanicals speed.
    • Computers can programatically issue commands instantly whereas humans must physically move a mouse or hit the keyboard.
    • Knowledge based hierarchy foundation with Goals, Strategies, Tactics, and Chains.
    • Each objective inspects current game state and decides which lower level objective will be best to achieve it.

  • Reinforcement Learning

    • Markov Decision process to make decisions involving chain of if-then statements.
    • Positive or Negative Reward.
    • Algorithm will learn what actions will maximize the reward and which to be avoided.
  • Deep Neural Network

    • 3 Hidden layers of 120 neutrons.
    • 3 Dropout layers to optimize generalization and reduce over-fitting.
      • Input - State
      • Output - Values related to Mahjong Actions
    • Last layer uses Softmax Function to return probabilities.
  • Deep Q-Learning

    • Q-table matrix that updates Q-table based on the Prediction of Future Mahjong States.

    • Q-values updated according to the Bellman Equation.

      Deep Q action-value function

Search Gaming Optimization Algorithm [搜索优化] 🔻

  • Alpha-Beta Prunning
    • AI weeds out bad moves.
  • “Lookahead” Search Algorithms
  • Open World Games
    • Typically require thousands of hours of developer and artist time to render.
    • Become more efficient using ML Path-Finding Algorithms.
    • Have the potential to be unlimited in size

Database [数据库] 🔴

  • Optimize game data with databases.
  • Pre-Computed Moves for the beginning/end phrases of the game.
  • Two Databases
    • Opening DB
    • Endgame DB

References [图书] 🔴

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