heroku buildpack for Apache Ant to run Loklak
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7 years agoShell
heroku buildpack for Apache Ant to run Loklak
7 years ago1Shell
bluemix buildpack for Apache Ant to run Loklak
a day ago14apache-2.0Go
A Cloud Native Buildpack for PHP
Buildpack Php13
7 years ago6apache-2.0Shell
cloudControl PHP buildpack
Apache Tomcat13
16 days ago22December 03, 20212apache-2.0Go
A Cloud Native Buildpack that contributes Apache Tomcat and Process Types for WARs
Heroku Buildpack Apache9
7 years ago1ApacheConf
Custom Heroku buildpack for serving sites with Apache
5 hours ago12apache-2.0Go
Heroku Symfony2 Buildpack4
11 years ago1Shell
Heroku Buildpack Livecode4
10 years agoShell
A buildpack for deploying Apache + LiveCode Server on Heroku
Heroku Buildpack Php Gruntjs4
10 years ago1mitShell
PHP+Apache Buildpack for Heroku, using NodeJS to run Grunt during slug compilation.
Alternatives To Loklak_heroku_ant_buildpack
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Heroku buildpack for Loklak: Java (with Apache Ant)

This is a Heroku buildpack made specifically for the Loklak server. Forked from dennisg/heroku-buildpack-ant (Thanks!) It uses Apache Ant 1.9.7 to build your application and OpenJDK 1.8 (currently) to run it.


This buildpack is meant to be used in conjuction with Loklak server only. If you want to run any other application with Ant on Heroku, check out dennisg/heroku-buildpack-ant

In your project directory:

  1. Clone the Loklak server (if not already) : git clone https://github.com/loklak/loklak_server.git
  2. Create a heroku app: heroku create
  3. Set the buildpack: heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/loklak/heroku_buildpack_ant_loklak.git
  4. Push your app to heroku: git push heroku master
  5. Confirm the loklak server is running: heroku logs --tail
  6. Open the URL of your server in your browser: heroku open.
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