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A Cloud Native Buildpack that contributes Apache Tomcat and Process Types for WARs
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Apache Tomcat
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The Paketo Buildpack for Apache Tomcat is a Cloud Native Buildpack that contributes Apache Tomcat and Process Types for WARs.


This buildpack will participate if all of the following conditions are met

  • $BP_JAVA_APP_SERVER is tomcat or if $BP_JAVA_APP_SERVER is unset or empty and this is the first buildpack to provide a Java application server.
  • Main-Class is NOT defined in the manifest

The buildpack will do the following:

  • Requests that a JRE be installed
  • Contribute a Tomcat instance to $CATALINA_HOME
  • Contribute a Tomcat instance to $CATALINA_BASE
  • Contributes tomcat, task, and web process types

Tiny Stack

When this buildpack runs on the Tiny stack, which has no shell, the following notes apply:

  • As there is no shell, the catalina.sh script cannot be used to start Tomcat
  • The Tomcat Buildpack will generate a start command directly. It does not support all the functionality in catalina.sh.
  • Some configuration options such as bin/setenv.sh and setting CATALINA_* environment variables, will not be available.
  • Tomcat will be run with umask set to 0022 instead of the catalina.shprovided default of 0027


Environment Variable Description
$BP_JAVA_APP_SERVER The application server to use. It defaults to `` (empty string) which means that order dictates which Java application server is installed. The first Java application server buildpack to run will be picked.
$BP_TOMCAT_CONTEXT_PATH The context path to mount the application at. Defaults to empty (ROOT).
$BP_TOMCAT_EXT_CONF_SHA256 The SHA256 hash of the external configuration package
$BP_TOMCAT_ENV_PROPERTY_SOURCE_DISABLED When true the buildpack will not configure org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.EnvironmentPropertySource. This configuration option is added to support loading configuration from environment variables and referencing them in Tomcat configuration files.
$BP_TOMCAT_EXT_CONF_STRIP The number of directory levels to strip from the external configuration package. Defaults to 0.
$BP_TOMCAT_EXT_CONF_URI The download URI of the external configuration package
$BP_TOMCAT_EXT_CONF_VERSION The version of the external configuration package
$BP_TOMCAT_VERSION Configure a specific Tomcat version. This value must exactly match a version available in the buildpack so typically it would configured to a wildcard such as 9.*.
BPL_TOMCAT_ACCESS_LOGGING_ENABLED Whether access logging should be activated. Defaults to inactive.
BPI_TOMCAT_ADDITIONAL_JARS This should only be used in other buildpacks to include a jar to the tomcat classpath. Several jars must be separated by :.

External Configuration Package

The artifacts that the repository provides must be in TAR format and must follow the Tomcat archive structure:


Environment Property Source

When the Environment Property Source is configured, configuration for Tomcats configuration files can be loaded from environment variables. To use this feature, the name of the environment variable must match the name of the property.


The buildpack optionally accepts the following bindings:

Type: dependency-mapping

Key Value Description
<dependency-digest> <uri> If needed, the buildpack will fetch the dependency with digest <dependency-digest> from <uri>

Providing Additional JARs to Tomcat

Buildpacks can contribute JARs to the CLASSPATH of Tomcat by appending a path to BPI_TOMCAT_ADDITIONAL_JARS.

func (s) Contribute(layer libcnb.Layer) (libcnb.Layer, error) {
	// Copy dependency into the layer
	file := filepath.Join(layer.Path, filepath.Base(s.Dependency.URI))

	layer, err := s.LayerContributor.Contribute(layer, func(artifact *os.File) (libcnb.Layer, error) {
		if err := sherpa.CopyFile(artifact, file); err != nil {
			return libcnb.Layer{}, fmt.Errorf("unable to copy artifact to %s\n%w", file, err)
		return layer, nil

	additionalJars := []string{file}
  // Add dependency to BPI_TOMCAT_ADDITIONAL_JARS
	layer.LaunchEnvironment.Append("BPI_TOMCAT_ADDITIONAL_JARS", ":", strings.Join(additionalJars, ":"))
	return layer, nil


This buildpack is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.

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