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make your short-term command as a long-term job


Shell Install (Linux & MacOS)

# binary will be $(go env GOPATH)/bin/job
$: curl -sfL | sh -s -- -b $(go env GOPATH)/bin

# In alpine linux (as it does not come with curl by default)
$: wget -O - -q | sh -s 

Brew install

$: brew tap liujianping/tap && brew install job


$: git clone
$: cd job 
$: go build -mod vendor


$: job -h
Job, make your short-term command as a long-term job

  job [flags] [command args ...]


	(simple)      $: job echo hello
	(schedule)    $: job -s "* * * * *" -- echo hello
	(retry)       $: job -r 3 -- echox hello
	(repeat)      $: job -n 10 -i 100ms -- echo hello
	(concurrent)  $: job -c 10 -n 10 -- echo hello
	(timeout cmd) $: job -t 500ms -- sleep 1
	(timeout job) $: job -T 3s -r 4 -- sleep 1

  -t, --cmd-timeout duration       job command timeout duration
  -c, --concurrent int             job concurrent numbers
  -h, --help                       help for job
  -T, --job-timeout duration       job timeout duration
  -i, --repeat-interval duration   job repeat interval duration
  -n, --repeat-times int           job repeat times, 0 means forever (default 1)
  -r, --retry int                  job command retry times when failed
  -s, --schedule string            job schedule in crontab format
      --version                    version for job

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