Rust Libp2p

The Rust Implementation of the libp2p networking stack.
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Rust Libp2p3,194795419 hours ago84September 07, 2022279mitRust
The Rust Implementation of the libp2p networking stack.
18 days ago37mit
A modular and extensible networking stack which solves many challenges of peer-to-peer applications.
Js Libp2p1,999366150a day ago256September 28, 2022151otherTypeScript
The JavaScript Implementation of libp2p networking stack.
Aws Cloudformation Fargate532
2 years ago11apache-2.0
Sample CloudFormation templates for how to run Docker containers in AWS Fargate with various networking configurations
Mirage Tcpip318
7 days ago26iscOCaml
TCP/IP networking stack in pure OCaml, using the Mirage platform libraries. Includes IPv4/6, ICMP, and UDP/TCP support.
8 days ago6lgpl-3.0Java
A Fabric mod that optimizes the Minecraft networking stack and entity tracker.
4 months ago2otherC
Userspace TCP/IP stack for Linux
8 years ago9mitC
Volley is a benchmarking tool for measuring the performance of server networking stacks.
React Native Cronet104
1a year ago5March 30, 202016mitJava
This package allows you to use the Cronet for your react native apps.
Mos Networking Stack98
4 years ago11otherC
A Specialized Network Programming Library for Stateful Middleboxes:
Alternatives To Rust Libp2p
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Central repository for work on libp2p

dependency status master

This repository is the central place for Rust development of the libp2p spec.

Getting started

Repository Structure

The main components of this repository are structured as follows:

  • core/: The implementation of libp2p-core with its Transport and StreamMuxer API on which almost all other crates depend.

  • transports/: Implementations of transport protocols (e.g. TCP) and protocol upgrades (e.g. for authenticated encryption, compression, ...) based on the libp2p-core Transport API .

  • muxers/: Implementations of the StreamMuxer interface of libp2p-core, e.g. (sub)stream multiplexing protocols on top of (typically TCP) connections. Multiplexing protocols are (mandatory) Transport upgrades.

  • swarm/: The implementation of libp2p-swarm building on libp2p-core with the central interfaces NetworkBehaviour and ConnectionHandler used to implement application protocols (see protocols/).

  • protocols/: Implementations of application protocols based on the libp2p-swarm APIs.

  • misc/: Utility libraries.

  • libp2p/examples/: Worked examples of built-in application protocols (see protocols/) with common Transport configurations.

Community Guidelines

The libp2p project operates under the IPFS Code of Conduct.


  • Be respectful.
  • We're here to help: [email protected]
  • Abusive behavior is never tolerated.
  • Violations of this code may result in swift and permanent expulsion from the IPFS [and libp2p] community.
  • "Too long, didn't read" is not a valid excuse for not knowing what is in this document.


(In alphabetical order.)

Notable users

(open a pull request if you want your project to be added here)

  • COMIT - Bitcoin–Monero Cross-chain Atomic Swap.
  • Forest - An implementation of Filecoin written in Rust.
  • fuel-core - A Rust implementation of the Fuel protocol.
  • HotShot - Decentralized sequencer in Rust developed by Espresso Systems.
  • ipfs-embed - A small embeddable ipfs implementation used and maintained by Actyx.
  • iroh - Next-generation implementation of IPFS for Cloud & Mobile platforms.
  • Lighthouse - Ethereum consensus client in Rust.
  • Locutus - Global, observable, decentralized key-value store.
  • rust-ipfs - IPFS implementation in Rust.
  • Starcoin - A smart contract blockchain network that scales by layering.
  • Subspace - Subspace Network reference implementation
  • Substrate - Framework for blockchain innovation, used by Polkadot.
  • Ursa - Decentralized Content Delivery & Edge Compute.
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