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The JavaScript Implementation of libp2p networking stack.
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Rust Libp2p3,33879548 hours ago84September 07, 2022185mitRust
The Rust Implementation of the libp2p networking stack.
3 months ago37mit
A modular and extensible networking stack which solves many challenges of peer-to-peer applications.
Js Libp2p2,0323661507 hours ago256September 28, 2022123otherTypeScript
The JavaScript Implementation of libp2p networking stack.
Aws Cloudformation Fargate532
2 years ago11apache-2.0
Sample CloudFormation templates for how to run Docker containers in AWS Fargate with various networking configurations
Mirage Tcpip321
2 months ago27iscOCaml
TCP/IP networking stack in pure OCaml, using the Mirage platform libraries. Includes IPv4/6, ICMP, and UDP/TCP support.
a month ago8lgpl-3.0Java
A Fabric mod that optimizes the Minecraft networking stack and entity tracker.
6 months ago2otherC
Userspace TCP/IP stack for Linux
8 years ago9mitC
Volley is a benchmarking tool for measuring the performance of server networking stacks.
React Native Cronet10412a year ago5March 30, 202016mitJava
This package allows you to use the Cronet for your react native apps.
Mos Networking Stack98
4 years ago11otherC
A Specialized Network Programming Library for Stateful Middleboxes:
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The JavaScript implementation of the libp2p Networking Stack.

Project status

We've come a long way, but this project is still in Alpha, lots of development is happening, API might change, beware of the Dragons 🐉..

The documentation in the master branch may contain changes from a pre-release. If you are looking for the documentation of the latest release, you can view the latest release on npm, or select the tag in github that matches the version you are looking for.

Want to get started? Check our GETTING_STARTED.md guide and examples folder.

Want to update libp2p in your project? Check our migrations folder.

Table of Contents


libp2p is the product of a long and arduous quest to understand the evolution of the Internet networking stack. In order to build P2P applications, devs have long had to make custom ad-hoc solutions to fit their needs, sometimes making some hard assumptions about their runtimes and the state of the network at the time of their development. Today, looking back more than 20 years, we see a clear pattern in the types of mechanisms built around the Internet Protocol, IP, which can be found throughout many layers of the OSI layer system, libp2p distils these mechanisms into flat categories and defines clear interfaces that once exposed, enable other protocols and applications to use and swap them, enabling upgradability and adaptability for the runtime, without breaking the API.

We are in the process of writing better documentation, blog posts, tutorials and a formal specification. Today you can find:

To sum up, libp2p is a "network stack" -- a protocol suite -- that cleanly separates concerns, and enables sophisticated applications to only use the protocols they absolutely need, without giving up interoperability and upgradeability. libp2p grew out of IPFS, but it is built so that lots of people can use it, for lots of different projects.


The js-libp2p roadmap can be found here: https://github.com/libp2p/js-libp2p/blob/master/ROADMAP.md

It represents current projects the js-libp2p maintainers are focused on and provides an estimation of completion targets.

It is complementary to the overarching libp2p project roadmap: https://github.com/libp2p/specs/blob/master/ROADMAP.md


npm install libp2p



For all the information on how you can configure libp2p see CONFIGURATION.md.


For help configuring your node to resist malicious network peers, see LIMITS.md

API Docs

Getting started

If you are starting your journey with js-libp2p, read the GETTING_STARTED.md guide.

Tutorials and Examples

You can find multiple examples on the examples folder that will guide you through using libp2p for several scenarios.


Clone and install dependencies:

> git clone https://github.com/libp2p/js-libp2p.git
> cd js-libp2p
> npm install
> npm run build


Run unit tests

# run all the unit tsts
> npm test

# run just Node.js tests
> npm run test:node

# run just Browser tests (Chrome)
> npm run test:chrome


List of packages currently in existence for libp2p

This table is generated using the module package-table with package-table --data=package-list.json.

Package Version Deps CI Coverage
libp2p npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/interface-libp2p npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/tcp npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/webrtc npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/websockets npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/webtransport npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
secure channels
@chainsafe/libp2p-noise npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
stream multiplexers
@libp2p/mplex npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@chainsafe/libp2p-yamux npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
peer discovery
@libp2p/bootstrap npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/kad-dht npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/mdns npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@chainsafe/discv5 npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
content routing
@libp2p/reframe-content-routing npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/ipni-content-routing npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/delegated-content-routing npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/kad-dht npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
peer routing
@libp2p/delegated-peer-routing npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/kad-dht npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/crypto npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
data types
@libp2p/peer-id npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/record npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/peer-record npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@ChainSafe/libp2p-gossipsub npm Deps GitHub CI codecov
@libp2p/floodsub npm Deps GitHub CI codecov

Used by

And many others...


The libp2p implementation in JavaScript is a work in progress. As such, there are a few things you can do right now to help out:

  • Go through the modules and check out existing issues. This would be especially useful for modules in active development. Some knowledge of IPFS/libp2p may be required, as well as the infrastructure behind it - for instance, you may need to read up on p2p and more complex operations like muxing to be able to help technically.
  • Perform code reviews. Most of this has been developed by @diasdavid, which means that more eyes will help a) speed the project along b) ensure quality and c) reduce possible future bugs.
  • Add tests. There can never be enough tests.


Licensed under either of


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

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