Implementation for "Bounding Volume Hierarchy Optimization through Agglomerative Treelet Restructuring"
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a month ago3August 23, 20179C++
C++ framework for realtime machine learning.
8 years agootherC++
Implementation for "Bounding Volume Hierarchy Optimization through Agglomerative Treelet Restructuring"
21 days ago1mitJulia
A sparse polynomial optimization tool based on the moment-SOS hierarchy.
3 days agomitJulia
NCTSSOS is a non-commutative polynomial optimization tool based on the moment-SOHS hierarchy.
18 days agootherC++
NeuroSpector: Dataflow and Mapping Optimization of Deep Neural Network Accelerators
5 years agoMatlab
We provide the Matlab Implementation of Sparse-BSOS described in Weisser, Lasserre, Toh: Sparse-BSOS: a bounded degree SOS hierarchy for large scale polynomial optimization with sparsity, to be published in Mathematical Programming Computation.
Hierarchical Coordination2
a year agoJupyter Notebook
Divide and Conquer: Hierarchical Network and Service Coordination
Qwm Portfolio_optimization2
3 years agoJupyter Notebook
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Agglomerative Treelet Restructuring Bounding Volume Hierarchy

Copyright 2015 Leonardo Rodrigo Domingues

This repository contains the full implementation for ATRBVH, as described in:

"Bounding Volume Hierarchy Optimization through Agglomerative Treelet Restructuring",
Leonardo R. Domingues and Helio Pedrini,
High-Performance Graphics 2015

You will also find an implementation of TRBVH, which was created from the information provided in the original paper:

"Fast Parallel Construction of High-Quality Bounding Volume Hierarchies",
Tero Karras and Timo Aila,
High-Performance Graphics 2013,

An implementation of LBVH can also be found here, as described in:

"Maximizing Parallelism in the Construction of BVHs, Octrees, and k-d Trees",
Tero Karras,
High-Performance Graphics 2012,

If you are going to use this project, please note that both TRBVH and the idea of using an agglomerative treelet restructuring are patented:

"Bounding volume hierarchies through treelet restructuring",
US 20140365532 A1,

"Agglomerative treelet restructuring for bounding volume hierarchies",
US 20140365529 A1,
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