Developer-friendly, serverless vector database for AI applications. Easily add long-term memory to your LLM apps!
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a day ago229apache-2.0Rust
Qdrant - High-performance, massive-scale Vector Database for the next generation of AI. Also available in the cloud
Weaviate8,88314a day ago131December 06, 2023421bsd-3-clauseGo
Weaviate is an open source vector database that stores both objects and vectors, allowing for combining vector search with structured filtering with the fault-tolerance and scalability of a cloud-native database, all accessible through GraphQL, REST, and various language clients.
24 days ago2August 07, 202124apache-2.0Rust
🚀 efficient approximate nearest neighbor search algorithm collections library written in Rust 🦀 .
Lancedb2,27713a day ago45December 04, 2023231apache-2.0Python
Developer-friendly, serverless vector database for AI applications. Easily add long-term memory to your LLM apps!
Usearch1,4194a day ago102November 26, 202333apache-2.0C++
Fast Open-Source Search & Clustering engine × for Vectors & 🔜 Strings × in C++, C, Python, JavaScript, Rust, Java, Objective-C, Swift, C#, GoLang, and Wolfram 🔍
Awesome Deep Learning Papers For Search Recommendation Advertising1,167
3 months agoPython
Awesome Deep Learning papers for industrial Search, Recommendation and Advertising. They focus on Embedding, Matching, Ranking (CTR and CVR prediction), Post Ranking, Multi-task Learning, Graph Neural Networks, Transfer Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Self-supervised Learning and so on.
a day ago70apache-2.0C++
DeepRec is a high-performance recommendation deep learning framework based on TensorFlow. It is hosted in incubation in LF AI & Data Foundation.
2 years agoC++
跨平台/多语言的 相似向量/相似词/相似句 高性能检索引擎。欢迎star & fork。Build together! Power another !
10 months ago
3 years ago1apache-2.0
🐍 Python bidding for the Hora Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm library
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Developer-friendly, serverless vector database for AI applications

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LanceDB Multimodal Search

LanceDB is an open-source database for vector-search built with persistent storage, which greatly simplifies retrevial, filtering and management of embeddings.

The key features of LanceDB include:

  • Production-scale vector search with no servers to manage.

  • Store, query and filter vectors, metadata and multi-modal data (text, images, videos, point clouds, and more).

  • Support for vector similarity search, full-text search and SQL.

  • Native Python and Javascript/Typescript support.

  • Zero-copy, automatic versioning, manage versions of your data without needing extra infrastructure.

  • GPU support in building vector index(*).

  • Ecosystem integrations with LangChain , LlamaIndex , Apache-Arrow, Pandas, Polars, DuckDB and more on the way.

LanceDB's core is written in Rust and is built using Lance, an open-source columnar format designed for performant ML workloads.

Quick Start


npm install vectordb
const lancedb = require('vectordb');
const db = await lancedb.connect('data/sample-lancedb');

const table = await db.createTable({
  name: 'vectors',
  data:  [
    { id: 1, vector: [0.1, 0.2], item: "foo", price: 10 },
    { id: 2, vector: [1.1, 1.2], item: "bar", price: 50 }

const query =[0.1, 0.3]).limit(2);
const results = await query.execute();

// You can also search for rows by specific criteria without involving a vector search.
const rowsByCriteria = await"price >= 10").execute();


pip install lancedb
import lancedb

uri = "data/sample-lancedb"
db = lancedb.connect(uri)
table = db.create_table("my_table",
                         data=[{"vector": [3.1, 4.1], "item": "foo", "price": 10.0},
                               {"vector": [5.9, 26.5], "item": "bar", "price": 20.0}])
result =[100, 100]).limit(2).to_pandas()

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