Python library and command-line interface for inspecting and visualizing RDF models aka ontologies.
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Atomic Server396
a month ago198mitRust
Create, share, fetch and model Atomic Data! This project consists of a graph database + server, a CLI and a rust library.
Ontospy1901457 months ago83November 16, 202222mitJavaScript
Python library and command-line interface for inspecting and visualizing RDF models aka ontologies.
Catmandu16464864 months ago148March 21, 202230Perl
Catmandu - a data processing toolkit
Graphy.js149263 months ago25November 28, 202124iscJavaScript
A collection of RDF libraries for JavaScript
7 days ago44January 06, 202272bsd-3-clausePython
An OWL ontology documentation tool using Python and templating, based on LODE
a month ago17apache-2.0Java
Linked SPARQL Queries (LSQ): Framework for RDFizing triple store (web) logs and performing SPARQL query extraction, analysis and benchmarking in order to produce datasets of Linked SPARQL Queries
Owl Cli7
2 months ago2apache-2.0Java
Command line tool for ontology engineering
8 years ago1Python
kathaireo is an interactive interpreter for RDF operations.
Rdf Ns4
4 years ago7otherC++
Just use popular RDF namespace prefixes from prefix.cc
3 years agomitJava
Command line tool to compute PageRank scores over RDF graphs
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Python library and command-line interface for inspecting and visualizing RDF models.



Ontospy is a lightweight Python library and command line tool for inspecting and visualizing vocabularies encoded using W3C Semantic Web standards, that is, RDF or any of its dialects (RDFS, OWL, SKOS).

The basic workflow is simple: load a graph by instantiating the Ontospy class with a file containing RDFS, OWL or SKOS definitions. You get back a object that lets you interrogate the ontology. That's all!

The same functionalities are accessible also via a command line application. This is an interactive environment (like a repl) that allows to load ontologies from a local repository, interrogate them and cache them so that they can be quickly reloaded for inspection later on.


Generating ontology documentation

Ontospy can be used to generate HTML documentation for an ontology pretty much out-of-the-box.

See the website Examples of ontology documentation generated via Ontospy, or jump straight to the sample CIDOC-CRM or FOAF documentation pages.

From version 2.0, the documentation generation libraries are installed by default with Ontospy. Previously, third party dependencies (e.g. Django) had to be installed separately.



I have little time to spend on this project these days, so I'm mainly focusing on bug fixes and maintenance. Happy to review PRs if you want to add more functionalities!


# git clone the repo first
$ mkvirtualenv ontospy
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -e .



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