ValidKube combines the best open-source tools to help ensure Kubernetes YAML best practices, hygiene & security.
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Kustomize9,695714a day ago256August 01, 2022201apache-2.0Go
Customization of kubernetes YAML configurations
Kube Linter2,30813 days ago14June 29, 202269apache-2.0Go
KubeLinter is a static analysis tool that checks Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts to ensure the applications represented in them adhere to best practices.
Tanka2,008124 days ago59September 27, 202255apache-2.0Go
Flexible, reusable and concise configuration for Kubernetes
Cheatsheet Kubernetes A41,712
3 months agoShell
:book: Kubernetes CheatSheets In A4
Kapitan1,67112 days ago99March 18, 2022108apache-2.0Python
Generic templated configuration management for Kubernetes, Terraform and other things
10 days agogpl-3.0Go
This repo contains all my learning related to DevOps
4 years ago13mitClojure
Free and Open Source GUI to Visualize Kubernetes Applications.
3 days ago141apache-2.0Go
YAML templating tool that works on YAML structure instead of text
Kubernetes Examples1,234
17 days ago12mitShell
Minimal self-contained examples of standard Kubernetes features and patterns in YAML
Kubectl Neat1,23233 months ago9November 30, 202131apache-2.0Go
Clean up Kubernetes yaml and json output to make it readable
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About this project

Validkube combines the best open-source tools to help ensure Kubernetes YAML best practices, hygiene & security.

Open - Source Contribution

  • If you want to contribute, this repository is in build, so feel at home :)

If you like ValidKube, share with your friends and be sure to ⭐ it!

Please read contributing guidelines before submitting new Resources.


Policies - A combination of security and best practices.

  • Validate - Verify your Kubernetes configuration files @kubeconform
  • Clean - Remove clutter from your Kubernetes manifests @kubectl-neat
  • Secure (Trivy) - Scan your YAML code for security vulnerabilities @trivy
  • Secure (Kubescape) - Scan your YAML file for Devops best practices and security vulnerabilities @kubescape
  • Audit (Polaris) - Enforce best practices in your Kubernetes clusters @polaris

Validkube is an open-source project, so please feel free to add more tools or capabilities. :)


OS tools:

K8s CLI tools:


Full deploy:

make deploy

Deploy backend:

make deploy-backend

In order to update web domain:

aws ssm put-parameter --name /validkube/config/allowed_origin --type String --value {frontend-domain} --overwrite

Deploy frontend:

make deploy-frontend

Local Environment

To run locally, set ALLOWED_ORIGIN environment variable to http://localhost:3000

Example in Linux:

export ALLOWED_ORIGIN='http://localhost:3000'

In order to start backend:

go mod download
go run backend/development/localdev.go

In order to start frontend:

cd frontend
yarn install
yarn start
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