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The Top 20 S3 Bucket Open Source Projects

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Goofys ⭐2,533
a high-performance, POSIX-ish Amazon S3 file system written in Go
Awsbucketdump ⭐836
Security Tool to Look For Interesting Files in S3 Buckets
Subdomainizer ⭐442
A tool to find subdomains and interesting things hidden inside, external Javascript files of page, folder, and Github.
Minio Py ⭐255
MinIO Client SDK for Python
Minio Java ⭐225
MinIO Client SDK for Java
Minfs ⭐199
A network filesystem client to connect to Minio and Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage servers
0x4447_product_s3_email ⭐190
πŸ“« A serverless email server on AWS using S3 and SES
Vscode Remote Workspace ⭐169
Multi protocol support for handling remote files like local ones in Visual Studio Code.
Cloudexplorer ⭐163
Cloud Explorer
Git S3 Push ⭐161
Deploy your git repo to an S3 bucket
Terraform Aws Tfstate Backend ⭐110
Terraform module that provision an S3 bucket to store the `terraform.tfstate` file and a DynamoDB table to lock the state file to prevent concurrent modifications and state corruption.
Sbt S3 Resolver ⭐103
☁️Amazon S3-based resolver for sbt
React Apig Lambda ⭐94
Render React.js on-demand with CDN caching
Gatsby Plugin S3 ⭐91
Deploy your gatsby site to a S3 bucket.
Aws Scanner ⭐82
Scans a list of websites for Cloudfront or S3 Buckets
Aws Cli Docker ⭐57
Docker container with the AWS CLI
Aws S3 ⭐54
S3Client - A Javascript Library for AWS S3 File Upload
Minio Hs ⭐33
MinIO Client SDK for Haskell
S3 Site Cache Optimizer ⭐9
Optimize a static website for hosting in S3, by including a fingerprint into all assets' filenames. The optimized website is uploaded into the specified S3 bucket with the right cache headers.
Cometa ⭐8
Super fast, on-demand and on-the-fly, image processing.
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