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Command line webOS remote for LGTVs. This tool uses a connection via websockets to port 3000 on newer LG TVs, there are other tools which use a restful connection to port 8080 however that port is closed on newer firmware versions.

Supported models

Tested with

  • 43LM6300PSB
  • 43UN73003LC
  • HU80KG.AEU (CineBeam 4K)
  • OLED55B7
  • OLED55C9
  • SK8500PLA
  • SM9010PLA
  • UF776V
  • UF830V
  • UH650V
  • UJ6309
  • UJ635V
  • UJ6570
  • [please add more!]

Tested with python 2.7 on mac/linux and works fine, your mileage may vary with windows, patches welcome. Tested with python 3.9 on Debian Unstable.

Likely supports

All devices with firmware major version 4, product name "webOSTV 2.0"

Available Commands

lgtv scan
lgtv auth <host> MyTV
lgtv MyTV audioStatus
lgtv MyTV audioVolume
lgtv MyTV closeApp <appid>
lgtv MyTV execute <command>
lgtv MyTV getCursorSocket
lgtv MyTV getForegroundAppInfo
lgtv MyTV getPictureSettings
lgtv MyTV getPowerState
lgtv MyTV getSoundOutput
lgtv MyTV getSystemInfo
lgtv MyTV getTVChannel
lgtv MyTV input3DOff
lgtv MyTV input3DOn
lgtv MyTV inputChannelDown
lgtv MyTV inputChannelUp
lgtv MyTV inputMediaFastForward
lgtv MyTV inputMediaPause
lgtv MyTV inputMediaPlay
lgtv MyTV inputMediaRewind
lgtv MyTV inputMediaStop
lgtv MyTV listApps
lgtv MyTV listLaunchPoints
lgtv MyTV listChannels
lgtv MyTV listInputs
lgtv MyTV listServices
lgtv MyTV mute <true|false>
lgtv MyTV notification <message>
lgtv MyTV notificationWithIcon <message> <url>
lgtv MyTV off
lgtv MyTV on
lgtv MyTV openAppWithPayload <payload>
lgtv MyTV openBrowserAt <url>
lgtv MyTV openYoutubeId <videoid>
lgtv MyTV openYoutubeURL <url>
lgtv MyTV serialise
lgtv MyTV setInput <input_id>
lgtv MyTV setSoundOutput <tv_speaker|external_optical|external_arc|external_speaker|lineout|headphone|tv_external_speaker|tv_speaker_headphone|bt_soundbar>
lgtv MyTV screenOff
lgtv MyTV screenOn
lgtv MyTV setTVChannel <channelId>
lgtv MyTV setVolume <level>
lgtv MyTV startApp <appid>
lgtv MyTV swInfo
lgtv MyTV volumeDown
lgtv MyTV volumeUp


Requires wakeonlan, websocket for python (python3-websocket for python3), and iproute2. python-pip (python3-pip for python3) and git are required for the installation process.

python -m venv lgtv-venv
source lgtv-venv/bin/activate
pip install git+

To install it system wide:

sudo mkdir -p /opt
sudo python -m venv /opt/lgtv-venv
source /opt/lgtv-venv/bin/activate
sudo pip install git+

Example usage

# Scan/Authenticate
$ lgtv scan
    "count": 1,
    "list": [
            "address": "",
            "model": "UF830V",
            "uuid": "10f34f86-0664-f223-4b8f-d16a772d9baf"
    "result": "ok"
$ lgtv auth MyTV
# At this point the TV will request pairing, follow the instructions on screen

# Commands are basically

$ lgtv MyTV on
$ lgtv MyTV off

# If you have the youtube plugin
$ lgtv MyTV openYoutubeURL

# Otherwise, this works reasonably well
$ lgtv MyTV openBrowserAt


You need to auth with the TV before being able to use the on command as it requires the mac address.


Implement the following features:



I couldn't test youtube because it seems the app isn't installed and not available to download right now maybe they're updating it?

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