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Estimate time spent on a git repository
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Estimate time spent on a git repository
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Estimate time spent on a git repository.

For example time spent on Twitter's Bootstrap

➜  bootstrap git:(master) git-hours


  "total": {
    "hours": 9959,
    "commits": 11470

From a person working 8 hours per day, it would take more than 3 years to build Bootstrap.

Please note that the information might not be accurate enough to be used in billing.


$ npm install -g git-hours

NOTE: If for some reason git-hours won't work, try to npm install -g nodegit.

git-hours depends on nodegit. It might be a bit tricky to install. If installing git-hours fails for some reason, probably it was because nodegit couldn't be installed. Check their documentation for troubleshooting.

How it works

The algorithm for estimating hours is quite simple. For each author in the commit history, do the following:

Go through all commits and compare the difference between them in time.

If the difference is smaller or equal then a given threshold, group the commits to a same coding session.

If the difference is bigger than a given threshold, the coding session is finished.

To compensate the first commit whose work is unknown, we add extra hours to the coding session.

Continue until we have determined all coding sessions and sum the hours made by individual authors.

The algorithm in ~30 lines of code.


In root of a git repository run:

$ git-hours

Note: repository is not detected if you are not in the root of repository!


Usage: git-hours [options]


  -h, --help                                 output usage information
  -V, --version                              output the version number
  -d, --max-commit-diff [max-commit-diff]    maximum difference in minutes between commits counted to one session. Default: 120
  -a, --first-commit-add [first-commit-add]  how many minutes first commit of session should add to total. Default: 120
  -s, --since [since-certain-date]           Analyze data since certain date. [always|yesterday|tonight|lastweek|yyyy-mm-dd] Default: always'
  -e, --email [emailOther=emailMain]         Group person by email address. Default: none
  -u, --until [until-certain-date]           Analyze data until certain date. [always|yesterday|today|lastweek|thisweek|yyyy-mm-dd] Default: always
  -m, --merge-request [false|true]           Include merge requests into calculation.  Default: true
  -p, --path [git-repo]                      Git repository to analyze. Default: .
  -b, --branch [branch-name]                 Analyze only data on the specified branch. Default: all branches


 - Estimate hours of project

     $ git-hours

 - Estimate hours in repository where developers commit more seldom: they might have 4h(240min) pause between commits

     $ git-hours --max-commit-diff 240

 - Estimate hours in repository where developer works 5 hours before first commit in day

     $ git-hours --first-commit-add 300

 - Estimate hours work in repository since yesterday

   $ git-hours --since yesterday

 - Estimate hours work in repository since 2015-01-31

   $ git-hours --since 2015-01-31

- Estimate hours work in repository on the "master" branch

   $ git-hours --branch master

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