Alternatives To Promdapter
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16 days ago12otherC#
Expose hardware sensor data to Graphite / InfluxDB / Prometheus / Postgres / Timescaledb
7 years agomitKiCad
Sensor board using ESP8266
Anotter Sensor Hub78
2 months agocern-ohl-s-2.0C++
Anotter OSHW environment sensor hub, focussed on Sensirion SEN055/SEN05x sensors, featuring a prometheus-exporter.
9 months ago4mitC#
Prometheus CzAdapter
4 years ago5March 24, 20191otherGo
A Prometheus exporter for Philips Hue (written in Go)
Tado Exporter49
12 hours ago12mitRust
A Prometheus exporter for tado smart heating solution
Weather Station43
4 years ago3October 12, 20195apache-2.0Go
A Prometheus exporter for 433 MHz temperature and humidity sensors
Netatmo Exporter33
5 months ago8December 05, 20227mitGo
Prometheus exporter for Netatmo sensor data.
Sensor Exporter29
4 years ago4mitGo
Prometheus exporter for sensor data like temperature and fan speed
Homeassistant Prometheus Query28
8 months ago4Python
Inspired from homeassitant Command line Sensor this sensor take values from Prometheus metrics using PromQL query
Alternatives To Promdapter
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PromDapter = Prometheus Adapter

Currently in Pre-Release/Beta stage

  • Lightly documented
  • Source available, but not completely buildable due to HWiNFO Provider being private NuGet for the time being
  • UPDATE ^: HWinFO Provider also now Open Sourced:


  • HWiNFO running with Shared Memory enabled and Sensor-mode (window) opened, can be hidden afterwards

v0.9.xx-beta Setup:

  • Windows 64-bit supported only (should be trivial to make 32-bit, open an issue if needed)

  • Sets up LocalSystem - running Service called "Prometheus Adapter" (PromDapterSvc)

  • Service is serving on port 10445 (need to open it in firewall for TCP protocol)

  • Setup is supposed to not overwrite existing

  • Alpha/beta stage: Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) support added

URLs: http://localhost:10445/metrics

  • Serves Prometheus-formed metrics


  • Lists # HELP tagged parts of metrics for (easier?) review of what's available


  • Resets internal caches (= reloads "C:\ProgramData\PromDapter\Prometheusmapping.yaml" on next request)

JSON support (does not support WMI metrics currently): http://localhost:10445/metrics/json http://localhost:10445/metrics/json?option=flattenMeta

Configuration/Metric definition:

  • Modify C:\ProgramData\PromDapter\Prometheusmapping.yaml (save your copy safely elsewhere and copy over + reset with url above) (The installation version of the file is also available in "C:\Program Files\PromDapter")

TODO (next):

  • Configurable server port (currently fixed 10445)
  • Configurable metric prefix (currently fixed hwi_ & wmi_)

TODO (needs to be done):

  • Finish remaining HWiNFO sensors (various voltage, fan sensor naming properly)
  • Handle naming consolidation properly, ie. Ryzen 2xxx series Tctl needs right now be renamed in HWiNFO to match 1xxx and 3xxx series
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