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singlespotify 🎵

Create Spotify playlists based on one artist through the command line


$ npm install -g singlespotify

Note: Node version 7.7.1+ required. $ node -v to check which version you have installed. The latest version can be downloaded here


$ singlespotify "artist_name"

The program will then prompt you for your Spotify username and bearer token.

You can get the bearer token here:
Click GET OAUTH TOKEN and make sure to check playlist-modify-public

$ singlespotify --help

      $ singlespotify "artist_name"
      ? Enter your Spotify username <username>
      ? Enter your Spotify bearer token <bearer>

      --name [-n] "playlist name"

      $ singlespotify "Kanye West" -n "My awesome playlist!"
      ? Enter your Spotify username kabirvirji
      ? Enter your Spotify bearer token ************************************************************

    For more information visit


  • 03/15/17 Added Inquirer and conf for authentication
  • 03/16/17 Removed -a flag and added option to choose playlist name with -n flag
  • 03/19/17 Used update-notifier to notify users about updates
  • 11/03/19 Updated to accommodate API changes

Shoutout to kshvmdn for all the help!

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